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DevEx as a service book cover

DevEx as a service: Scaling DevOps teams with platform engineering

By Matthew Casperson

DevOps teams are innovation engines. Maintaining the passion and productivity of DevOps teams at scale requires attention to their lived experience and removing friction. Or, more simply, by focusing on the developer experience (DevEx). Implementing Platform Engineering with the explicit goal of improving DevEx is the foundation of DevEx as a Service (DEaaS).

Matthew Casperson headshot

Meet the author: Matthew Casperson

I've loved technology since my first Commodore 64, and that passion remains to this day. I spend my time integrating enterprise platforms with Octopus, writing guides and books for platforms like Kubernetes, blogging, training my colleagues, testing bleeding-edge open-source projects, and contributing to various blogs.

I am a 5-star published author and have created solutions that Red Hat felt were worthy of being submitted for a patent.

Mini-books and white papers

White paper cover for A leader's guide to Kubernetes CD at scale

A leader's guide to Kubernetes CD at scale

Kubernetes provides many benefits, but it’s not a magic wand offering a one-size-fits-all solution. Executives in charge of engineering or operations at medium and large enterprises will encounter challenges as they migrate to Kubernetes. This white paper will help you understand how to align Kubernetes adoption with business goals, challenges you'll typically face, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Published: 2024

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Best practice for self-hosted Octopus Deploy HA/DR white paper cover

Best practice for self-hosted Octopus Deploy high availability and disaster recovery

For customers who self-host Octopus Deploy, we provide high availability (HA). This gives you horizontal scalability and increased reliability. Combined with a disaster recovery (DR) plan and managed services with cloud providers, you can create an instance that survives almost any outage scenario.

This white paper provides a recommended HA/DR configuration for customers who self-host Octopus Deploy in public cloud providers.

Published: 2024

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A modern view of multi-tenancy cover

A modern view of multi-tenancy

Multi-tenancy is when you deliver software to many production instances, targets, or customers. But there’s no single correct way to approach multi-tenancy. With each deployment having unique needs, all organizations tackle multi-tenancy challenges differently. This white paper discusses ways to approach multi-tenancy so you can scale quickly, reliably, and securely.

Published: 2023

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The ten pillars of pragmatic deployments whitepaper cover

The ten pillars of pragmatic deployments

We distilled our learnings from years of building a deployment automation tool into a white paper about what we think good deployments look like.

We hope you enjoy the discussion and look forward to shaping the future of pragmatic deployments with your feedback.

Published: 2023

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Deployment survey report front cover

Deployment survey report

We asked 250 organizations to share how Octopus Deploy transformed their deployment performance. We found it made their deployments faster and more frequent.

As well as exploring the data, this white paper prodivdes advice on maximizing the benefits of deployment automation.

Published: 2023

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The importance of CD cover

The importance of Continuous Delivery

In this white paper, you learn Continuous Delivery principles that will help you meet and exceed your goals.

Your deployment pipeline sets the pace of change for your whole business. By testing your product and feature ideas sooner, you’ll know what to build for your customers. In turn, you’ll know what to avoid, so you’re not wasting time or money.

Published: 2022

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Measuring CD and DevOps cover

Measuring Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Evidence shows the benefits of implementing Continuous Delivery and DevOps, but it’s essential to measure the results for your organization, so you know where to improve.

In this white paper, you learn how to measure your progress and combine different feedback methods to suit your needs.

Published: 2022

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