Learn about the metrics that help you improve software delivery

Our white paper, Measuring Continuous Delivery and DevOps, helps you measure the impact of software delivery improvements. Find out if you’re getting your software to customers faster and how to keep improving.

Measuring CD and DevOps cover

Drive success with the right data

Measuring Continuous Delivery and DevOps cover

Evidence shows the benefits of implementing Continuous Delivery and DevOps, but it’s essential to measure the results for your organization, so you know where to improve.

In this white paper, you learn how to measure your progress and combine different feedback methods to suit your needs.

Learn how to:

  • Be realistic when starting to measure metrics
  • Balance feedback you can get fast and often with feedback that reflects outcomes
  • Implement Continuous Delivery statements, DORA metrics, and the SPACE framework
  • Establish robust metrics that get everyone working towards the same goal
  • Make sure improvements are sustainable
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Continuous Delivery webinar

Continuous Delivery with Dave Farley webinar

Check out our webinar, Continuous Delivery with Dave Farley: Using fast feedback to get high-quality releases. Learn how to get the most out of your CI/CD pipeline by optimizing for fast feedback.

Calculating DORA metrics with Runbooks

Metrics animation

Learn about Calculating DORA metrics with Runbooks. In this post, you learn how to query the Octopus API to produce a DORA scorecard with a custom runbook.

DevOps Insights documentation

Octopus Insights DORA metrics screenshot

DevOps insights (early access) in Octopus gives you better visibility into your company’s DevOps performance by surfacing the four key DORA metrics, so you can make more informed decisions on where to improve and celebrate your results.

Deploy more often by measuring the right metrics

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