Controlled, predictable, and safe software deployments

We make complex deployments run like clockwork for enterprise DevOps teams.

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35% of the Fortune 100 deploy with Octopus

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How Octopus helps enterprise DevOps teams

1. Develop more, deliver faster

Teams using Octopus release faster, more often, and make huge time savings with each deployment.

2. Improve security and reduce risk in your software delivery processes

Octopus is secure by design with ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type I and II, and GDPR compliance. Create a culture of trust and accountability where your DevOps experts can thrive in their roles.

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3. Software delivery and operational performance predicts organizational performance

There's a strong link between Continuous Delivery and DevOps adoption and many organizational benefits. Octopus's DevOps Insights offers greater visibility of your company's performance against 4 key DORA metrics.

4. Improve uptime with faster deployments and rollback support

Octopus supports all common deployment patterns and with built-in rollback support, you can restore your application to the last working version quickly.

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Without Octopus

25% of customers surveyed deployed more than once per month

With Octopus

75% deploy more than once per week; 41% deploy more than once per day
91% of teams report increased confidence that deployments will be successful

*Results from a survey sent from Octopus to customers in October 2022


Advanced features for teams at scale

Get all the benefits of Octopus Deploy plus exclusive features only available in the Enterprise tier.

IT Service Management (ITSM) change management

Octopus has ITSM integrations for ServiceNow and Jira Service Management. Balance your audit and compliance needs with team productivity.

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Audit log control feed

Stream your audit events to your chosen security information and event management (SIEM) solution, like Splunk or Sumo Logic.

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Insights and DORA metrics

Get better visibility into your company’s DevOps performance with the 4 key DORA metrics:

  • Deployment frequency
  • Deployment lead time
  • Deployment failure rate
  • Mean time to recovery

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Reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivering software changes while deploying more often

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By reading The importance of Continuous Delivery white paper, you'll understand:

  • The principles and practices of Continuous Delivery
  • How Continuous Delivery's technical capabilities are fundamental to a successful DevOps adoption
  • The benefits of achieving high performance, explaining why Continuous Delivery is so important

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“As we scale, we still need the same kind of auditable, access-controlled environments that we had, but with added complexity. Octopus provides the familiarity and flexibility that we need to grow, along with meeting our security requirements. No other tool we looked at really offered the level of control over security and auditing that Octopus does out of the box.”

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John Cruikshank

Vice President, Engineering, Zywave

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