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We asked 250 organizations to share how Octopus Deploy transformed their deployment performance. We found it made their deployments faster and more frequent.

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We found that organizations improve their deployment frequency and reduce deployment lead times with Octopus Deploy. Customers who used Octopus to increase their deployment frequency deployed 6x more than before using Octopus.

There was a short payback period, with 96% of organizations achieving efficiency improvements in the first 100 days. 74% of customers found the gains to be significant, or somewhat significant.

This report:

  • Explores the relationship between speed and frequency
  • Establishes a link between deployment performance and DevOps performance
  • Describes the 3 deployment performance clusters
  • Explains the critical factor that gets you a faster return on investment

As well as exploring the data, you'll find advice on maximizing the benefits of deployment automation.

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Octopus Deploy empowers 3,500+ organizations to simplify their complex deployments and release software faster. Become more competitive and innovative with our reliable, scalable, flexible, cloud and on-premises deployment solution.

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DevOps Insights in Octopus uses the 4 key DORA metrics to tell you exactly how you're performing. These insights help you find areas for improvement in your deployment processes.

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