The ten pillars of pragmatic deployments

We distilled our learnings from years of building a deployment automation tool into a white paper about what we think good deployments look like.

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A discussion about what it means to deploy software

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As you might imagine, at Octopus, we spend a great deal of time thinking about deployments. Octopus was born to manage real-world deployment processes. We constantly shape the features through conversations with customers, support requests, our own internal deployment requirements, and discussions about what we think good deployments look like.

We forged all this deployment knowledge into the 10 pillars of pragmatic deployments.

We use the phrase "pragmatic" quite deliberately. This list is not a scorecard, a pyramid, a checklist, or a fixed list of requirements. We developed the 10 pillars to find gaps in our processes, shape our product's features and philosophy, and continue the ongoing discussion about what it means to deploy software.

With that in mind, pillar zero, the prerequisite for all other pillars, is do what works for you.

We hope you enjoy this discussion and look forward to shaping the future of pragmatic deployments with your feedback.

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