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DevEx as a service: Scaling DevOps teams with Platform Engineering

By Matthew Casperson

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DevEx as a Service: Scaling DevOps teams with Platform Engineering

By Matthew Casperson

DevOps teams are innovation engines. Maintaining the passion and productivity of DevOps teams at scale requires attention to their lived experience and removing points of friction. Or, more simply, focusing on the developer experience (DevEx). Implementing the practice of Platform Engineering with the explicit goal of improving DevEx is the foundation of DevEx as a Service (DEaaS).

This book provides advice for the founding members of a platform team during the early stages of implementing a DEaaS strategy. It also provides practical checklists to facilitate discussions and guide decisions.

Completing the sample checklists ensures you have a clear understanding of:

  • The value your platform team provides to the business
  • The improvements your IDP introduces to DevOps workflows
  • How to interact with and support internal customers
  • Trade-offs for the long-term success of your IDP
  • Common functional and non-functional requirements to support the DevOps lifecycle

Publication date: February 6, 2024

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Meet the author: Matthew Casperson

I've loved technology since my first Commodore 64, and that passion remains to this day. I spend my time integrating enterprise platforms with Octopus, writing guides and books for platforms like Kubernetes, blogging, training my colleagues, testing bleeding-edge open-source projects, and contributing to various blogs.

I am a 5-star published author and have created solutions that Red Hat felt were worthy of being submitted for a patent.