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First Deployment

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This tutorial will help you complete your first deployment in Octopus Deploy. It will walk through the steps to deploy a sample hello world package to one or more of your servers. The only prerequisite is a running Octopus Deploy instance, either in Octopus Cloud or self-hosted. The tutorial assumes you have a brand new instance running and will walk through the rest of the setup, including configuring deployment targets.

This tutorial will take between 25-35 minutes to complete, with each step taking between 2-5 minutes to complete.

  1. Configure environments
  2. Create a project
  3. Define the deployment process
  4. Create a release and deploy it
  5. Define and use variables
  6. Approvals with manual interventions
  7. Add deployment targets
  8. Deploy a package to the deployment targets

Before starting the tutorial, if you haven't set up an Octopus Deploy instance, please do so by picking from one of the following options:

When you have an instance running, go to the configure environments page to get started.

Further Reading

This tutorial will deploy a sample package to your servers. If you prefer to skip that and start configuring Octopus Deploy for your application right away, please see:

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