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Archive and delete certificates

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Archive a certificate

Archiving a certificate will prevent it from being selected as the value of a variable, while still allowing it to be used by existing usages (projects, releases, deployments).

Archived certificates can be viewed by navigating to Library ➜ Certificates ➜ View Archive.

When a certificate is replaced, it is automatically archived if it is not already.

Delete a certificate

Once a certificate has been archived, it can then be deleted.

This is a hard delete. Once deleted, a certificate and it's private key (if present) cannot be recovered.

You will be prevented from deleting a certificate if it is the value of one or more variables. You can view a certificates usage on the 'Usage' tab of the certificate details page.

Variables snap-shotted as part of a release will not prevent deleting a certificate. Attempting to deploy a release which references a deleted certificate will result in an error.

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