Built-in Worker

Octopus Server comes with a built-in worker which enables you to conveniently run parts of your deployment process on the Octopus Server without the need to install a Tentacle or other deployment target. This is very convenient when you are getting started with Octopus Deploy, but it does come with several security implications.

Default configuration

By default Octopus Server runs as the highly privileged Local System account on Windows. We typically recommend running Octopus Server as a different account, either a User or Managed Service Account (MSA), so you can grant specific privileges to that account.

When you first install Octopus Server the built-in worker is configured to run using the same user account as the Octopus Server itself. This means your deployment process can do the same things the Octopus Server can do.

Secure configuration

We highly recommend running the built-in worker in a different, lower privileged, security context. Alternatively you can disable the built-in worker and delegate that work to an external worker perhaps on another server or in an entirely different network zone.

Learn about workers and the different options you have for securing them.

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Page updated on Sunday, January 1, 2023