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The DevOps reading list: Choosing your next DevOps book

Your guide to selecting your first/next DevOps book.

On the naming of “DevOps Engineers”

Why is this job title so controversial? What's a better option?

DevOps and platform engineering

Find out where platform engineering fits into a DevOps process and why both DevOps and platform engineering can help your organization attain high performance.

An introduction to DevOps

To open our series about runbooks, we take a surface-level look at the concepts, tools, and roles of DevOps, plus how Octopus fits in.

The 2022 Accelerate State of DevOps Report

Find out about the release of the 2022 Accelerate State of DevOps report.

Inside DevOps with Jason Dunnivant from Olo

A series where we share lessons learned from those on the frontlines of DevOps. Our first post features Jason Dunnivant, Release Engineer at Olo.

Inside DevOps with Stephen Shamakian

A series where we share lessons learned from those on the frontlines of DevOps. Our next post features Stephen Shamakian, DevOps Senior Principal Engineer.

Better Octopus Integration with Azure DevOps

We recently updated our Azure DevOps extension, and it has some great new features that can improve your delivery pipeline.

Inside DevOps with Dale Francis from Climavision

A series where we share lessons learned from those on the frontlines of DevOps. This post features Dales Francis, Director, Product Development at Climavision.

DevOps uses a capability model, not a maturity model

As DevOps adoption increases, it becomes more likely the certification industrial complex will try to apply the wrong model.

Webinar - Starting the DevOps Journey

Taking a DevOps approach and paving the way for staying ahead in business

Creating a high-performance DevOps toolchain

Discover the elements of a high-performance DevOps toolchain and the research that backs it up.

Java CI/CD: Octopus, Jenkins, Java, Kubernetes, and the DevOps lifecycle

A blog series with practical examples on how Jenkins, Octopus, and Kubernetes fit into the DevOps lifecycle.

From zero to Octopus hero - Discovering DevOps

Join Sarah as she continues to learn about Octopus Deploy, this time focusing on DevOps.

DevOps Down Under 2013

Octopus Deploy is a bronze sponsor for DevOps Down Under 2013. Hope to see you there!

DevOps versus SDLC

Find out if the software development life cycle still has a place in the DevOps era.

DORA metrics - The predictive link between DevOps practice and business outcomes

What are the DORA metrics? Why do they matter? How can you use them to drive improvement?

Domain does DevOps recently embraced DevOps. They use Octopus Deploy to deploy to AWS.

Common mistakes in DevOps metrics

Learn what to avoid as you create and evolve your DevOps measurement system.

Octopus will be at DevOps Days London 2019

Octopus is a silver sponsor of this years DevOps Days London.

The new DevOps performance clusters

Explains the changes and additions to performance clusters in The State of DevOps Report 2022.

Implementing DevOps in State Government

The story of how I implemented DevOps practices at a state government agency

How to measure DevOps mean time to recovery (MTTR)

Find out why mean time to recovery has problems and what to do about it.

How to structure your Git repository for DevOps automation

Learn how to structure your Git repositories to store your scripts, infrastructure as code configuration files, application configuration files, docs and more.

Webinar - Database DevOps

In this webinar, Jeffrey Palermo and Paul Stovell answer all your Database DevOps questions.


Azure DevOps

Octopus Deploy integrates with Azure DevOps to provide for a full automated build and deployment pipeline.

Azure DevOps work item tracking integration

Configure Azure DevOps work item tracking with Octopus.

Azure DevOps and TFS package management

Configuring an Azure DevOps or TFS package management NuGet feed as an Octopus feed.

Build versions and packaging in Azure DevOps

A guide to build version numbers in Azure DevOps, and how they work with packages for Octopus.

Azure DevOps and Team Foundation Server Extension Version Compatibility

This guide explains the Octopus extension versions that are compatible with different versions of Azure DevOps and Team Foundation Server

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