Blog posts

Outage on - report and learnings

Public incident report and our learnings about the DNS disruption from January 25 – 26, 2023.

What are SBOMs?

Find out what SBOMs are, learn about the US government's Executive Order, and how Octopus can help with your SBOMs.

Safe schema updates - Strangling the monolith

This post discusses patterns for migrating from a tightly coupled to a loosely coupled architecture.

Using the Octopus API with Bash and jq

Learn how to work with the Octopus API using Bash and jq.

Deploying database changes to Cassandra

Learn how to deploy database changes to a Cassandra server using Octopus Deploy and Liquibase.

Deploy SQL Server DACPAC with Octopus Deploy

Learn how to deploy SQL Server DACPAC using Octopus Deploy.

Why are there so many definitions of lead time?

Find out why there are multiple definitions of lead time and how you can use them to improve software delivery.

Removing the Azure VM extension for Tentacle

Find out why the Azure VM extension was deprecated and the recommended way to deploy Tentacle Windows VMs in the future.

DevOps uses a capability model, not a maturity model

As DevOps adoption increases, it becomes more likely the certification industrial complex will try to apply the wrong model.

Inside DevOps with Stephen Shamakian

A series where we share lessons learned from those on the frontlines of DevOps. Our next post features Stephen Shamakian, DevOps Senior Principal Engineer.

Using variables for Kubernetes without breaking YAML

Injecting Octopus variables into your Kubernetes YAML scripts is easier to perform with extended support for the existing structured variable replacement functionality.

A beginner's guide to containers

A brief overview at containers covering what they are and why they're useful.

Choosing a container platform

A look at different container platforms and their suitability.

Live updates of Kubernetes objects during deployment

Introducing the Kubernetes Object Status check feature, providing a live update of Kubernetes objects during deployment.

How to measure DevOps mean time to recovery (MTTR)

Find out why mean time to recovery has problems and what to do about it.

Creating a high-performance DevOps toolchain

Discover the elements of a high-performance DevOps toolchain and the research that backs it up.

Inside DevOps with Dale Francis from Climavision

A series where we share lessons learned from those on the frontlines of DevOps. This post features Dales Francis, Director, Product Development at Climavision.

Redesigned Tenants overview dashboard

Learn how we redesigned our Tenants overview dashboard to make it easier to view and manage thousands of tenants.


Azure environments

Information on how to use alternate Azure environments.

IIS Runbooks

With Octopus Deploy you can manage IIS with runbooks as part of your routine operations tasks.

Sync multiple instances

How to keep two or more Octopus Deploy instances in sync.

ZipBombs and Octopus Deploy

Octopus Server actively prevents ZipBomb-based denial-of-service attacks using a number of preventative measures.

Managing Octopus subscriptions

Control Center is where you manage your Octopus subscriptions and their associated user access.

OCL Syntax for Config as Code

A description of Octopus Deploy's OCL file format.

Polling Tentacles over port 443

Octopus Polling Tentacles open a connection to the Octopus Server over port 443 to ask the Server if there is any work to do.

Private cloud migration

Guidelines for migrating an on-premises Octopus instance to private cloud hosting

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