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Outage on - report and learnings

Public incident report and our learnings about the DNS disruption from January 25 – 26, 2023.

Ask Octopus Episode 12 - Environment Approval Gates, Worker Pools Per Environment

Once a week a few of us will gather to talk about some of the most interesting questions we have gotten over the past week and how we went about solving them.

Ask Octopus Episode 34-36 - Server 2008 EOL, Project Templates for specific scenarios & binding Variables to multiple roles

A couple of times a week we meet up and talk about some of the most interesting questions we have received and how we went about solving them.

Have you designed your application for deployment?

Strategies and ideas to simplify the deployment process of applications.

Chicago ALM user group: Automating deployments with Octopus Deploy

Ian Paullin will be talking about Octopus at the Chicago ALM user group on May 21st

Publishing a package to Octopus with GitHub Actions

A post showing how to create a GitHub Action that pushes a package to Octopus.

Deploying a Node.js application with Octopus Deploy

Learn how to use Octopus Deploy to deploy an application written in NodeJS with a MongoDB back-end.

Webinar - DevOps Deep Dive

All your DevOps questions answered

Octopus Deploy 2.0 API changes - RFC

For Octopus Deploy 2.0 we'll be making some improvements to the HTTP API, as well as documenting it on GitHub.

OctoPack 2.0.24

Find out what's new in the latest OctoPack release

New in 2.0: IIS website and application pool configuration

Octopus 2.0 can automatically create and update websites and application pools in IIS

DORA metrics - The predictive link between DevOps practice and business outcomes

What are the DORA metrics? Why do they matter? How can you use them to drive improvement?

Authenticate to Azure with Golang

Authenticating to a cloud platform with the different SDK can be extremely different. In this post, you learn how to authenticate to Azure with Go.

New in 2.0: Windows Service deployment

Octopus 2.0 can install and start Windows Services during deployment

New in 2.0: Rolling Deployments

Rolling deployments allow you to control how many machines Octopus deploys to in parallel

RFC: X.509 Certificate Management

Request For Comment on proposed X.509 Certificate Management

Execution Containers for Workers

Octopus 2020.2 adds the ability to execute deployment actions inside a container

Licensing and support/maintenance changes

Licensing and support/maintenance changes for Octopus 2.0

Using the Azure custom script extension for complex installations

A deep dive into the Azure custom script extension for Windows VMs

Deploying an ASP.NET MVC web app to Azure with AppVeyor and Octopus - Will it Deploy? Episode 6

Deploying an ASP.NET MVC web app to Azure with a cloud-based delivery pipeline using AppVeyor and Octopus - Will it Deploy? Episode 6

My First Year Working at Octopus

Rob Pearson sharing what it's like to work at Octopus Deploy and a bit about the company culture.


JSON formatted output

Formatting output from the Octopus CLI

Security Self Assessment Questionnaire (CAIQ - Lite)

Read about our security posture in real terms

Providing database performance metrics

How to provide database performance metrics to help the Octopus team resolve issues.

Delete releases

Deletes a range of releases

Certificate variables

Variables in Octopus Deploy can have a certificate as the value

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