Blog posts

Outage on - report and learnings

Public incident report and our learnings about the DNS disruption from January 25 – 26, 2023.

Automating support emails with Octopus Runbooks

You can use Octopus Runbooks to automate delivery of important information to your support teams when things go wrong. This post explains how.

Safe schema updates - Provisioning dev/test databases

The first step towards safe production releases... safe dev/test deployments.

Variable specificity and complexity

Variables can be scoped to multiple values. What's the simplest way to score them?

Reflections on 2017

A recap of 2017, including progress on our roadmap and a general company update

Octopus Deploy 2018 Roadmap

This post outlines our roadmap for 2018, and all of the improvements we're planning to make to Octopus over the next year.

An Introduction to Hollow JARs

Learn what Hollow JARs are and how you can create them from you existing WAR files.

Why you should take a look at Kotlin's standard library

See how run, let, also and apply can improve your Kotlin code.

Octopus Deploy version changes for 2018

This post outlines our decision to change versioning strategy for Octopus Deploy to a style matching our iterative, monthly release cadence. It also describes how we arrived at our decision and how continuous delivery has fundamentally changed the way we plan, build, and release our software.

Octopus January Release 2018.1

What's new in Octopus 2018.1

Octopus React UI Permissions

Inside look into the React UI permissions

Continuous Delivery of Octopus

How we're delivering higher quality releases of Octopus Deploy in less time.

Coordinating Projects with the Deploy Release Step

We have introduced a new 'Deploy Release' step type which allows coordination between Octopus Projects

Deploy .NET Core applications to a Raspberry Pi with Octopus

Learn how to deploy your .NET Core applications to a Raspberry Pi with Octopus.

Trust Me - Assigning and Assuming IAM Roles

Learn how to use roles assigned to EC2 instances and assume secondary roles.

Octopus February Release 2018.2

What's new in Octopus 2018.2

Deploying an ASP.NET Core app - Will it Deploy? Episode 1

We try to automate the deployment of a ASP.NET core web app to Microsoft's Azure platform with infrastructure provisioning and zero production downtime.

Setting up an Octopus Deploy Trial Locally

Learn how to install a local evaluation instance of Octopus Deploy

How to install and configure NGINX with Octopus Deploy

Learn how to create a repeatable deployment process for installing and configuring NGINX.

Azure changes in 3.1

We recently made big changes to deployment targets and Azure cloud services in Octopus 3.0, and it turns out we got our design wrong. In 3.1, we'll be reverting to the 2.6-era way of deploying cloud services. This change will also affect the way we deploy Azure web apps.



Octopus is made possible thanks to many great third-party products.

Process dumps

Octopus Server and Tentacle process dumps

Troubleshooting AWS transport level errors

A guide for troubleshooting AWS Transport Errors.

Log files

Octopus Server and Tentacle log file locations and details.

How to get a database backup and encrypt your Master Key

Guides the user on producing a database backup binary file (.bak) and encrypt their Master Key to provide us with.

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