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Outage on - report and learnings

Public incident report and our learnings about the DNS disruption from January 25 – 26, 2023.

New in Azure DevOps for Octopus Deploy v6

Find out what's new in v6 of the Octopus Azure DevOps plugin and why we made the changes.

RFC: Remote delta compression in Octopus

We're thinking of implementing remote delta compression in Octopus to reduce the bandwidth used during deployments

Deployment targets in Octopus 3.0 (RFC)

Listening and Polling Tentacles, SSH, Azure Websites, Azure Cloud Services, WebDeploy, offline drops and more.

Octopus 3.0: Migrator RFC

In Octopus 3.0 we're adding a data migration tool. This post explains some of the scenarios where we think it will be useful.

How we are using SQL Server in Octopus 3.0

Octopus 3.0 will be built on top of SQL Server. In this post I discuss how we'll be using SQL Server, the editions we support, and high availability plans.

Webinar: Automating deployments with VSTS and Octopus Deploy

Announcing a webinar with Brian A. Randell and Damian Brady to show the Octopus Deploy extension for Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server

Certificates Feature

Announcing the release of the Certificates Feature in Octopus Deploy

Let's talk Licensing

Octopus deploy licenses, renewals and upgrades

RFC: Composite Step Templates

Combine multiple step templates together into a single importable block

Octopus 3.0: Released!

Today we announce the release of Octopus 3.0

Changing website port on each deployment

Blue/green style deployments by varying the port number between each deployment


Maven feeds

Configuring Maven repositories as Octopus Feeds


Information explaining how to perform requested tasks by Octopus support.

Capture a crash dump

How to capture a crash dump to help the Octopus team diagnose problems when something unexpected happens.

Debug problems with Octopus variables

How to debug problems with Octopus variables when a variable used during a deploying is different than the one you expect.

Get the raw output from a deployment process

How to get the raw output from a deployment process to help the Octopus team resolve deployment related issues.

Get the Raw Output From a Task

How to get the raw output from a task to help the Octopus team resolve deployment related issues.

Record a problem with Octopus Deploy in your web browser

This page describes how you can record HTTP traffic between your browser and Octopus Server. This is especially helpful if you are having a problem with Octopus Deploy in your web browser. It includes instructions for taking a screen recording and web traffic capture, for diagnosing issues.

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