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Jimmy Bogard: Continuous deployment the Octopus way

In this session, we'll look at how Octopus enables continuous delivery, what it offers over standard tooling, and how it can make your ops team love you again.

October Community Roundup

A summary of blogs and community events for October 2015

Automating developer machine setup with Chocolatey

Learn how to automate a developer machine setup using Chocolatey

Octopus 1.4 with updating variables, cloning projects and other fixes

Octopus 1.4 includes the ability to update release variables, clone projects and disabling machines.

Inside DevOps with Jason Dunnivant from Olo

A series where we share lessons learned from those on the frontlines of DevOps. Our first post features Jason Dunnivant, Release Engineer at Olo.

Introducing Octopus security advisories

Updating the way we keep our customers informed about product security

Self-service database provisioning with Octopus Runbooks and Redgate SQL Clone

A discussion about database provisioning for dev and test, including a walk-through of Redgate SQL Clone and Octopus Runbooks

Using Cake build scripts for your .NET Core web apps

Using Cake’s C# makefiles to script your application build process.

Synchronizing projects in managed spaces

Learn how to implement the full lifecycle of projects created as part of the enterprise patterns

Safe schema updates - Resilient vs robust IT systems

Learn about the nature of failure in complex IT systems, and the benefits and drawbacks of designing for resilience vs robustness.

Domain does DevOps recently embraced DevOps. They use Octopus Deploy to deploy to AWS.

My First Year Working at Octopus

Rob Pearson sharing what it's like to work at Octopus Deploy and a bit about the company culture.

SHA1 "Shattered" Collision

How recent SHA1 collision attack discoveries impact Octopus, and PowerShell scripts to detect if you use SHA1 certificates

Platform Engineering should be part of DevOps

Find out why Platform Engineering is more likely to succeed with DevOps than without it.

Octopus Deploy 4.0 - Infrastructure Redesign

The environments are has been revamped into a new Infrastructure area for our upcoming Octopus 4.0 release.

Inside DevOps with Matt Ash

A series where we share lessons learned from those on the frontlines of DevOps. This post features Matt Ash, Staff DevOps Engineer at a leading HR software platform provider.

Runbooks best practices

This post provides a step by step template you can use to generate high quality runbooks in Octopus.

Creating a high-performance DevOps toolchain

Discover the elements of a high-performance DevOps toolchain and the research that backs it up.

At the helm with Michael Richardson

This post opens a series where we chat to people at Octopus about their role, what they're working on improve the product, and more. First is Michael Richardson, our original product management leader.

Running SQL Server Developer in a Windows-based Docker Container

SQL Server can run in a Windows-based docker container, how can developers leverage that on their development machines?

Testing Terraform code

Learn how to test Terraform code.

Continuous Delivery for .NET Core using Octopus Deploy and Bitbucket Pipelines

Learn how to use Bitbucket and Bitbucket Pipelines to automatically build, test and deploy .NET core apps on code commits using Octopus Deploy

Service Fabric Deployment Targets

With the release of 2018.5 and the introduction of Azure Service Fabric Cluster targets, we thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to provide a quick overview of the new Service Fabric deployment targets with Octopus Deploy.


Azure targets

Configure your Azure infrastructure

SHA1 "Shattered" collision and Octopus Deploy

How the SHA1 "Shattered" Collision impacts Octopus Deploy

Azure Cloud Service targets

Azure Cloud Service deployment targets allow you to reference existing classic Cloud Services in your Azure subscription, that you can then reference by role during deployments.

VIP swap

The guide demonstrates how to perform a VIP swap when deploying to Azure Cloud Services.


Octopus is all about reliable and repeatable deployments, but that doesn't mean it has to be slow. This page will help you tune your deployments for the best performance in your scenario.

Disaster recovery

How to work with your data and disaster recovery in an Octopus Cloud instance.

Project recommendations

Projects form a critical element in Octopus Deploy. Here, we cover some recommendations for projects; getting started on the right foot is vital in helping your Octopus Deploy instance scale.

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