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Outage on - report and learnings

Public incident report and our learnings about the DNS disruption from January 25 – 26, 2023.

Ask Octopus Episode 12 - Environment Approval Gates, Worker Pools Per Environment

Once a week a few of us will gather to talk about some of the most interesting questions we have gotten over the past week and how we went about solving them.

Ask Octopus Episode 10 - Subscriptions, System Security and Redeploy Failed Releases

Once a week a few of us will gather to talk about some of the most interesting questions we have gotten over the past week and how we went about solving them.

10 of our favorite actions for GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is a newcomer to Continuous Integration and provides CI as a Service. Here are 10 of our favorite actions to install from the GitHub Marketplace.

10 pillars of pragmatic Kubernetes deployments

The 10 pillars of pragmatic Kubernetes deployments is a comprehensive guide to building a repeatable deployment pipeline from Octopus to Kubernetes. Download the ebook.

10 of our favorite Jenkins plugins

Jenkins has over 1800 community-created plugins to help with continuous integration. Here are 10 we think are useful, as part of our series about CI and build servers.

Selenium series: Environment specific handling

In this post, we learn how to customize WebDriver operations based on the target environment.

Structured Logging with Seq

Seq is a server that makes it easy to analyse and search structured logs

Creating a Selenium WebDriver test framework

Learn how to create a WebDriver project in Java with this blog series.

What is shadow IT?

When we talk about Shadow IT, we're talking about IT resources that an organization doesn't have visibility on. Find out how this affects your business, and how runbooks can help.

New in 2.0: IIS website and application pool configuration

Octopus 2.0 can automatically create and update websites and application pools in IIS

New in 2.0: Windows Service deployment

Octopus 2.0 can install and start Windows Services during deployment

Deploying a Node.js application with Octopus Deploy

Learn how to use Octopus Deploy to deploy an application written in NodeJS with a MongoDB back-end.

Selenium series: running tests against BrowserStack

In this post, we learn how to run tests against the BrowserStack service.

Future of Deployment: Nano Server and .NET Core

Nano Server is an extremely small version of Windows Server. .NET Core is a small version of the .NET runtime. Together, I believe they are the future of how applications will run in production.

KCDC and NDC 2013: Jeff French on TeamCity and Octopus Deploy

Jeff French has a great presentation coming up on continuous delivery of complex applications with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy, which he'll be doing at the KCDC and NDC 2013.

Octopus will be at DevOps Days London 2019

Octopus is a silver sponsor of this years DevOps Days London.

New in 2.0: Rolling Deployments

Rolling deployments allow you to control how many machines Octopus deploys to in parallel

Use TFS with Octopus? We want to hear from you!

We're planning some improvements to the way we integrate Octopus Deploy with TFS, and we'd love to get your feedback.

Interview: Deploying

Video interview about how the website is deployed via Octopus Deploy

Tentacle .NET version change

Learn why we're moving Tentacle from .NET Framework 4.5.2 & .NET Core 3.1 to .NET Framework 4.8 & .NET 6.


JSON formatted output

Formatting output from the Octopus CLI

Security Self Assessment Questionnaire (CAIQ - Lite)

Read about our security posture in real terms

Retention policies

Retention policies allow you to specify the releases, packages and files you want to keep as well as the ones you want cleaned up.

Dynamic Worker pools

Dynamic Worker pools are used in our cloud product to dynamically create and assign workers to running tasks. This page describes how dynamic worker pools work.

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