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Octopus presenting at Redgate's SQL in the City Summit

Bob Walker and Derek Campbell will be presenting at Redgate's SQL in the City Summit this month in London and Chicago on how database DevOps can help you stay ahead of the competition.

WildFly S3 Domain Discovery

Learn how to use S3 buckets as a domain discovery mechanism in AWS.

Paved versus golden paths in Platform Engineering

Find out the critical difference between paved paths and golden paths in Platform Engineering.

Webinar, May 6th: What's new in Octopus 2.4!

Come along to this webinar to learn more about the features in Octopus 2.4

Octostache Update - JSON, Indexing, Formatting and Dates

New changes required to Octostache to support Docker provided an opportunity to provide some additionally requested features

Flexible Working - Jason's Story

Flexible work can be life changing

KCDC and NDC 2013: Jeff French on TeamCity and Octopus Deploy

Jeff French has a great presentation coming up on continuous delivery of complex applications with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy, which he'll be doing at the KCDC and NDC 2013.

SNI in Tomcat

SNI allows Tomcat to respond with multiple HTTPS certificates on on single port. This blog post looks at how to configure SNI.

Deploying to MongoDB with Octopus Deploy and Liquibase

Learn how to use Octopus Deploy to deploy to MongoDB using Liquibase.

Octopus goes to conferences!

Octopus started attending conferences this year and we talk about what we learned through the experience.

Lessons learned implementing database deployments

Exploring the pitfalls of implementing database deployments

A first look at Jenkins X

Jenkins X is a complete mental shift from the traditional role of a CI server. In this post, we take a high-level look at Jenkins X and highlight why you need to appreciate it on its own terms.

Octopus March Release 2018.3

What's new in Octopus 2018.3

Creating a WildFly cluster

Learn how to use a shared database to create a WildFly cluster in AWS.

Deploying to Google Cloud Functions

Learn how to deploy functions to the Google Cloud Platform.

Release management with dynamic infrastructure

Support redeployments for a suite of application components, by leveraging the Deploy Child Octopus Deploy Project step template with dynamic infrastructure.

Deploying TeamCity to Kubernetes using Octopus Deploy

Learn how to spin up a build server on demand using Octopus Deploy and Kubernetes

Deploying database changes to Cassandra

Learn how to deploy database changes to a Cassandra server using Octopus Deploy and Liquibase.

Top 8 container registries

There are many container registry services, suitable for all different kinds of teams. We look at the top 8 and why you might consider them.

Microservices and frameworks

An overview of microservices and the different frameworks you can use to support them.

Choosing a container platform

A look at different container platforms and their suitability.

Expanding the use of execution containers

Octopus 2024.1 added the ability to use an inline Dockerfile or a URL to a Git repository to build the Docker container used for a deployment.

High Availability performance benefits

Octopus Deploy High Availability is our offering for customers where Octopus Deploy has become a critical piece of infrastructure. In addition to the benefits of extra reliability, High Availability provides performance gains over a single Octopus Server. Our aim was to provide a linear performance increase as you add nodes to your High Availability cluster.

Beyond Hello World: Containerize a real-world web application

This post demonstrates how to containerize a real-world .NET Core web application with web services and databases.

Introduction to HCL and HCL tooling

Learn about the different tooling you can use with HCL.


Installing the Tentacle via DSC in an ARM template

How to install the Tentacle using Desired State configuration (DSC) in Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template

Manage Tenants and Tag sets

Manage tenants and tag sets as part of a multi-tenant region setup in Octopus Deploy.


Spaces setup and configuration.

Azure DevOps

Octopus Deploy integrates with Azure DevOps to provide for a full automated build and deployment pipeline.

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