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Best practices for CI/CD

8 best practices for CI/CD, using agile, committing code frequently, using Config as Code, keeping builds green, automating your tests, using a feedback loop, and using fit for purpose technologies.

Best practices for Octopus Spaces

Find out how to use Octopus Spaces effectively.

Runbooks best practices

This post provides a step by step template you can use to generate high quality runbooks in Octopus.

Verifying backups with Runbooks

Learn how to automate the process of verifying your backups using a custom runbook.

Working at Octopus - a story of silicon and steel

A history of the computers I have enjoyed as a result of the Octopus Deploy computer policy.

Deploying a Vault to WildFly

Learn how to deploy a vault from Octopus to WildFly to secure passwords in configuration files

Java CI/CD: From release management to operations

In this post, we create example runbook to implement operations tasks.

Deprecating authentication extensions

Find out why and when Octopus is deprecating support for custom authentication extensions.

Octopus Cloud connectivity disruption - report and learnings

Public incident report and our learnings about the Octopus Cloud network connectivity disruption from January 25, 2023.

Outage on - report and learnings

Public incident report and our learnings about the DNS disruption from January 25 – 26, 2023.

Introducing Octopus Cloud

Octopus Cloud has been a while in the making. In this post we look at how and why Octopus Cloud came to be, and what the future may look like

The new DevOps performance clusters

Explains the changes and additions to performance clusters in The State of DevOps Report 2022.

New in GitHub Actions for Octopus Deploy v3

We shipped the third version of GitHub Actions for Octopus Deploy with new features. Learn how the new actions improve your deployment experience.


Capture a crash dump

How to capture a crash dump to help the Octopus team diagnose problems when something unexpected happens.

Process dumps

Octopus Server and Tentacle process dumps

Dump deployments

Writes deployments to an XML file that can be imported in Excel.

Best Practices

Some of the best practices you can adopt to set yourself up for success in using Octopus Deploy.


Information explaining how to perform requested tasks by Octopus support.

JSON formatted output

Formatting output from the Octopus CLI

Backup MySQL database

With Octopus Deploy you can backup a MySQL database with a Runbook

Report on deployments using Excel & XML

How to report on deployments using Excel & XML

Coordinating multiple projects

Script examples for working with data from multiple projects.

Project coordination code samples

Project coordination guide code samples that show how to perform various tasks covered in the guide.

Enable/disable project

An example script that enables or disables a project in Octopus.

The Octopus Command Line (CLI)

The Octopus CLI (octo) is the Octopus command line tool that builds on top of the Octopus REST API.

Ubuntu 18.04 End-of-life

Describing the deprecation process of Ubuntu 18.04 Dynamic Workers.

Export step templates

An example script that exports all step templates in a Space to files.


Upcoming and past deprecations by version for Octopus Server

Projects and Project Groups Structure

Guidelines and recommendations for configuring projects and project groups in Octopus Deploy.

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