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Octopus presenting at Redgate's SQL in the City Summit

Bob Walker

DevOps will change your life! DevOps will solve all your problems! You should being doing DevOps right now! DevOps! DevOps! DevOps! Okay, now that I have your attention, let's calm down a bit and talk about what that actually means. Just like any new practice being introduced to the IT community, there are a lot of definitions out there. The definition I prefer is "Development and Operations teams working together towards a common goal."

One of the more frequent goals we at Octopus Deploy hear is "we want to automate our deployments." Which...makes sense...considering the tool we make. People wouldn't contact us to ask about performance monitoring. Automating deployments is an awesome goal. Anytime a manual step can be removed is a win. But all too frequently the database is ignored when automating deployments. All the code is being deployed automatically, but database changes are still manual. That is very worrying as the database is the most important part of the application. Anything manual increases risk. It slows everything down, preventing you from delivering value to your customers. The database needs to be included.

At Octopus Deploy, we are passionate about automating all deployments, be it code, databases or infrastructure. Which is why I am excited to announce Derek Campbell and myself will continue this discussion in our presentation on "How Database DevOps can help you stay ahead of the competition" at Redgate's SQL in the City Summit this month. First on the docket is one of our new UK teammates, Derek Campbell. He will be presenting at London's SQL in the City Summit on October 18th. I will be following that up with my presentation at Chicago's SQL in the City Summit on October 26th.

There is still time to register! You can use the code Octopus to register for free in Chicago. The event in London has a small fee attached to it, but using the code Octopus will provide a 25% discount. I hope to see you there!