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Built by Octopus, the free Jenkins Pipeline Generator is perfect if you are:

  • New to Jenkins or Groovy
  • Looking to save time building your Jenkins pipeline
  • Keen to use Jenkins as part of your build and continuous integration processes
  • Already using Octopus and want an easy way to build and push to an Octopus instance from Jenkins

Using only a GitHub repository URL, our Jenkins Pipeline Generator will create a Pipeline file in Groovy syntax. It's everything you need to get your Pipeline project started.

Why should I use it?

Here’s what you will get from using our Jenkins Pipeline Generator:

Easy to use

Paste in your GitHub repository URL. Click GO. Log in with your GitHub account. Get your bespoke Jenkins Pipeline generated. Customize it.

Build workflows quickly

Your generated Groovy is easily customizable, and the created Pipeline provides a solid foundation to build on for your project needs.

Language support

If your project uses Maven, Node, PHP, or something else entirely, our tool can automatically create your Jenkins Pipeline.

Trusted by the best

Octopus is a leader in deployment orchestration tools that help you to accelerate reliable, repeatable, traceable deployments across cloud and on-prem environments.

Octopus empowers more than 25,000 companies and 350,000 users in the government, health care, insurance, software, and financial services industries.

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