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What's new in Octopus 2.5

Available as a pre-release Octopus Deploy 2.5 is on the shelves (so to speak). Closing out just under 50 GitHub Issues, lets see whats under the hood.

Scheduled Deployments

Are you one of those systems adminstrators who has to get up at ungodly hours of the night to run a deployment? Well this is the feature for you. You can now stay in bed while a scheduled deployment runs for you.

Scheduled Deployments

As you can see you can now schedule when deployments run.

Scheduled Deployments

When you submit, the task page shows that the deployment is Queued and when it will run.

Sheduled Deployments

You can also view the queued deployment on the project dashboard.

Organised task page including filtering

Previously on the task page it was pretty hard to find specific tasks that had run, just offering a list of all tasks by date. But not now. Now you can choose an environment, project or activity type and filter the lists. It lists all active tasks in a group at the top of the page, and filterable and searchable list of completed tasks below.

Filtered Task List

Octo.exe now shows progress

You can now pass the --progress argument when using Octo.exe to deploy and this will output the deployment to the console.

Octo.exe showing progress

Step Template updates

The very first of the step template changes: now you can view where the step template has been used, and if it is up to date within the project that is has been previously used on.

Step template usage

We also updated the step template variables. They now allow for custom field types and typed parameters.

Step template variables

Deployments no longer attempted to out of date Tentacles

Previously a deployment would continue if a Tentacle did not have a matching version to the Octopus Server. This has been corrected by stopping the deployment and giving an error message.

Out of date tentacle

Breaking Changes!

There are two breaking changes in this release to be noted.

Breaking Change: Internal NuGet Repository no longer watched

Those of you who use the inbuilt NuGet repository, we no longer watch the folder for changes, as this was causing some locking issues. If you use the API or nuget.exe to push files up to the repository, this change should not effect you. If you are using XCOPY it will have an effect. Using an external feed will be the only option. We will be refreshing the repositories index on every restart of the Octopus Server Service however.

Breaking Change: Unique SQUID required for all machines used in a deployment

If a deployment detects two or more machines with the same SQUID the deployment will be stopped until the duplicate machines have been removed from the machine targets.

Check it out now!

We have updated the Octopus Live Demo to use 2.5! So go and take a peek!

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