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Announcing Octopus Deploy 3.0 pre-release

The news you've all been waiting for.....

Octopus 3.0 is ready for you to try!

As we've said previously, we ended up making a lot of changes for this version, so we took a little longer to release something that was ready to use. Octopus 3.0 is faster, more stable, and has loads of good features in it, and we hear you… you want to get your hands on it. So here's how it's going to happen.

Register for a webinar

If you'd like to be among the very first to get a look, come along to one of our webinars early next week. We're repeating it three times so we should have everybody's timezone covered. In the webinar we'll show you what's new, a few things that are different about 3.0 and how you can get started with it. The link to register is

Watch the blog

A couple of days after the webinar we'll do a blog post and share the link with the world. So don't worry if you can't make the webinar, you won't have long to wait. We just want to make sure we have answers to the most common questions so we're staging the release announcement just a little.

So get ready!

So for everybody that has been waiting anxiously... you'll get your hands on a pre-release next week. You'll be able to bring a 2.6 backup across to it, you'll have SQL Server, offline deployments, SSH and Linux support, new Azure Website and Cloud Service support and a much faster, much better Octopus experience. We can't wait!

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