Michael Richardson Michael Richardson May 4, 2016

Octopus Deploy in the Azure Marketplace

Octopus Deploy is now available in the Azure Marketplace!

Octopus Deploy Marketplace Search Result

The easiest way to get started with Octopus Deploy

The Octopus Deploy marketplace offering is a solution template which creates a single Virtual Machine hosting the Octopus Deploy server, and an Azure SQL Database instance.

You can configure the size of the Virtual Machine, the DNS name, and administrator usernames and passwords. Hit "Create", and in one cup of coffee (the international standard unit of time for IT professionals) you will have an Octopus Deploy server ready for use.

Octopus Deploy Azure Infrastructure Blade

BYO License

The Octopus Deploy instance is created with a 45-day trial license. After the trial period you can continue using our Community Edition for free (for small teams), or you can purchase a license (or use your existing license) and enter it into your Octopus Deploy instance running in Azure.

Happy Azure-Powered Deployments!

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