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Octopus 3.4 blog series kick off

Rob Pearson
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Octopus Deploy 3.4 has shipped! Read the blog post and download it today!

Everyone at Octopus HQ has done their part to get 3.4 into beta and into your hands. In the past we would do a 'What's new in' blog post highlighting the features that are included in the release. If you have kept up with our roadmap or known of our plans, you are mostly likely aware that 3.4 includes some very large and complex features (yes even more complex than Channels). Multi-tenancy and Elastic and Transient Environments are the two main features, but we have managed to slip in a few extra and upgrade some libraries along the way.

So instead of a single (but truly epic) blog post highlighting the highlights of all the new features, we have a series planned. It means we can provide much more depth to the new features, and talk about challenges and design decisions straight from the developers themselves. Our plans are to kick off the series and publish a post every few days right up until the release. We will keep this post updated with new links and planned posts, but just check back on our blog every few days or follow our twitter feed. Feel free to leave a comment below if there is an area you think we miss over the beta period in lead up to the full release, or if there is anything you would like to know more about.

Mini blog series posts:

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