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Webinar - CI/CD Pipelines - Real-World, Expert Optimization Tips & Tricks

Rob Pearson

Rob Pearson

November 5, 2018 • 1 min

In this webinar, you’ll learn from Microsoft MVP, Jeffrey Palermo and Octopus Deploy Founder and CEO, Paul Stovell as they share tips and tricks to optimize your CI/CD pipeline.

Some of the questions covered include :

  • How has deployment automation changed since you founded Octopus Deploy?
  • Why have you made servicing Octopus Deploy a focus on Clear Measure?
  • What are Workers, and how they fit into the steps of my deployment project?
  • How often should you deploy? 5 times a day? 1 time per week? Or just the ability to deploy whenever you want/need to?
  • We have a lot of teams using Octopus, but each team uses Octopus differently. How can we encourage consistency between teams?
  • When would I choose Octopus Deploy over Azure DevOps Services or TeamCity?
  • Should we move our self-hosted Octopus server to Octopus Cloud?
  • I have 100 deployment steps in my project. Is that normal?