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Webinar - CI/CD Pipelines - Real-World, Expert Optimization Tips & Tricks

Rob Pearson

In this webinar, you’ll learn from Microsoft MVP, Jeffrey Palermo and Octopus Deploy Founder and CEO, Paul Stovell as they share tips and tricks to optimize your CI/CD pipeline.

Some of the questions covered include :

  • How has deployment automation changed since you founded Octopus Deploy?
  • Why have you made servicing Octopus Deploy a focus on Clear Measure?
  • What are Workers, and how they fit into the steps of my deployment project?
  • How often should you deploy? 5 times a day? 1 time per week? Or just the ability to deploy whenever you want/need to?
  • We have a lot of teams using Octopus, but each team uses Octopus differently. How can we encourage consistency between teams?
  • When would I choose Octopus Deploy over Azure DevOps Services or TeamCity?
  • Should we move our self-hosted Octopus server to Octopus Cloud?
  • I have 100 deployment steps in my project. Is that normal?