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How has deployment automation benefited you?

At Octopus Deploy, our mission is to improve the software industry as a whole by helping teams to deliver working software to production in a way that is more reliable and less risky. From our past experiences, we think that automation plays an important part in helping to achieve this. By automating software deployments, we believe:

  • Deployments become less risky and more reliable
  • Deployments become faster
  • These combine to encourage and enable teams to deploy more often
  • Deploying more often leads to a tighter feedback cycle

Tighter feedback cycle

So far this has been based on our own qualitative experiences prior to founding Octopus Deploy, and from the occasional email from customers. We'd love to get some more numbers around this, though.

If you can spare a minute to answer a handful of multiple choice questions about your experiences with automated deployments, we'd really appreciate it! Your experiences will help others to build a case for deployment automation within their organization.

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