August 23, 2013

Octopus 2.0: Health checks will now check for free disk space

Hard disks are cheap, but running out of free space is a common problem when it comes to managing application servers, especially virtual servers. Octopus isn't meant to replace Nagios or other health monitoring tools, but we do have a basic health check that we run every 30 minutes against your servers. A good suggestion came up on UserVoice: report free disk space in the health check.

This is the health check summary in Octopus 2.0:

Health check summary showing a warning if disk space is low

Clicking through, you can see the details for all the fixed disks:

Health check summary showing a warning if disk space is low

As I said, this feature isn't meant to replace your existing server monitoring tools, but if you don't already have something in place, hopefully it's useful. Happy deployments!


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