Last week we shipped Octopus 3.1, and along with it, a new edition - Octopus: High Availability!

Octopus: High Availability

Octopus: HA has been in planning since the start of 2015, when we first started re-architecting Octopus for 3.0 and began moving to SQL Server. It actually shipped when 3.0 first shipped, but the user experience wasn't quite polished enough to make it generally available, so we didn't talk much about it. Since then, we've been testing it, tweaking it, and our friends at Domain have put it into production. With 3.1, we finished the final pieces required to ship it.

You can get an overview of what Octopus: HA is and how to get it or learn more about HA in the documentation. Happy highly-available deployments!

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