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Nick Josevski

Focus on what matters to you with Spaces

We are proud to ship Spaces. Our goal with Spaces is to help teams organize their Octopus servers better and focus on the projects, environments and deployments that are important to them. This should reduce the noise and allow teams to work more efficiently.

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Give teams their own space

Spaces is a simple concept that has a big benefit for everyone. It allows teams to group the projects, environments, tenants, step templates, and other resources into a Space.

Our updated navigation bar lets you quickly jump between spaces. Instead of seeing dozens or hundreds of unrelated projects and other Octopus resources, you'll see only the resources for that space.

Put team leads in control with improved permissions

As a part of building Spaces, we needed to revamp our security and permissions. Our security model is now easier to manage and teams can manage the security of their spaces independently. This can also eliminate the need to submit requests to system admins.

Our changed security model lets you manage access control at the Space or team level more easily.

Breaking Changes

Using Spaces is entirely opt-in. We have done extensive work and testing to ensure the feature is as backwards compatible as possible.

In order to support Spaces and deliver improvements to how you configure teams we made some breaking API changes. Before upgrading you should review the full set here.

Integrations / Tentacle

Once you have updated to 2019.1 and want to start making use of the Spaces feature in your Octopus instance you will need to upgrade your integrations including Tentacle.


As usual, steps for upgrading Octopus Deploy apply. Please see the release notes for further information.

  • Self-hosted Octopus customers can start using Spaces today by installing Octopus Server 2019.1. Note 2019.1 is a fast lane release without long-term support. Spaces will be included in the next LTS release of Octopus at the end of Q1 2019.

  • Octopus Cloud customers will start receiving the latest bits in about 2 weeks during their maintenance window.

That's it for this month. Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know what you think! Go forth and deploy!

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