Cars on slow lane and fast lane

Introducing our second release with long-term support - Octopus Server 2019.3 LTS

Nick Josevski

Cars on slow lane and fast lane

Octopus Server 2019.3 LTS is the second release in our long-term support program (LTS). It comes with six months long-term support and we recommend this release for most self-hosted customers.

You can download Octopus Server 2019.3 LTS now!

Our LTS releases will be in the slow lane with a new LTS release approximately every three months - for all the LTS related details please have a read of our long term support documentation.

What features does 2019.3 LTS have?

Octopus Server 2019.3 LTS is essentially the same as 2019.2. It comes with Spaces. A great deal of enhancements and bug fixes in a variety of areas including; Kubernetes and the Octopus Migrator. Along with the Database Performance and Cloud Dependency updates from 2018.11. So have a read through the change log.

Breaking Changes

2019.3 LTS Includes Spaces, which has a significant set of breaking changes, which you can find on the change log.

While we try our best to minimise breaking changes, in order to support Spaces and deliver long needed improvements to how you configure teams, unfortunately we were forced to change the API change in a few areas. If you have automation around Teams, User Roles and Permissions they will need to change.

When should I install 2019.3 LTS?

There is no time like the present! You can upgrade to Octopus Server 2019.3 LTS now. We've had hundreds of customers upgrade smoothly to 2019.2 and the upgrade to 2019.3 LTS is cut from the same code.

You can download Octopus Server 2019.3 LTS now!

Wrapping up

LTS for Octopus Server has arrived, and you can bank on it. Happy long-term deployments!

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