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Database deployment with ReadyRoll SQL and Octopus

ReadyRoll is a Visual Studio project system that makes it easy to create and manage migration scripts for SQL Server databases. What I like about the product is that it is heavily focused on making sure it works well in a continuous delivery environment, unlike certain other SQL deployment tools, and it uses change scripts.

I wrote previously about how to deploy a SQL database using Octopus Deploy and an open source tool called DbUp, but ReadyRoll 1.3.3 makes this much easier:

Today I am excited to announce Octopus support in ReadyRoll SQL Projects! If you’re not familiar with it, Octopus is the automated release management tool for .NET that everyone’s talking about.

In a sense Octopus and ReadyRoll are spiritual cousins in that they both support the build once, deploy many times tenet of Continuous Delivery: the practice of ensuring that the same build artifacts (binaries, scripts, etc) used in Dev testing are carried all the way through to Production.

Octopus and ReadyRoll integration

If you are using Octopus Deploy and need to deploy SQL Server database changes, I'd definitely recommend giving ReadyRoll a try!