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Taming the backlog with UserVoice

During the beta period, suggestions for new features would be posted on Tender, and I would immediately add them to Trello to be tracked. It worked OK while in the beta period as there weren't that many suggestions, and they tended to be obvious features to implement by V1.

Over the last few weeks there's been a big increase in the number of suggestions, which is absolutely awesome! However, this has meant the Trello board was becoming a mix of:

  1. Things that would definitely be implemented soon
  2. Things that might be implemented sometime in the year 2381, before the Borg attack
  3. Things that probably won't ever be implemented, but need to be tracked in case it becomes popular or something changes (Tender doesn't have voting support)

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the size of the backlog, and to help tame it, I've created a UserVoice site for suggestions. I've moved a lot of the Tender items there, and I'd encourage you to post new suggestions there directly.

My thinking is:

  1. Tender will be used for troubleshooting and general discussion
  2. Items on Trello will be either bugs or features that are definitely going to be implemented
  3. Items on UserVoice might get implemented, depending on how popular they are, and how they fit with the overall product roadmap

If something is a bug, or it's so obvious that it should be in the product soon, it will go to Trello. Otherwise, it will probably go to UserVoice, where others can vote and expand on the idea until it is ready.

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