February 26, 2019

WEBINAR - Database DevOps

In this webinar, Jeffrey Palermo, Microsoft MVP and Clear Measure CEO, and Paul Stovell, Founder and CEO of Octopus Deploy, got together to answer all your database DevOps questions. We had a great response to this webinar and many of you asked some really great questions.

Some of the highlights:

  • When it comes to deployments, the database is fundamentally different. Why is that? 7:22
  • What is the normal status quo at clients before they have automated their database deployments? 14:12
  • What does an automated, unattended database deployment look like? 18:25
  • What about DACPAC, SQL Source Control and other compare-based, or state-based methods? How do those differ from migration scripts? 35:52
  • When a deployment fails, how do you configure a rollback? 51:00
  • How do I configure a zero-downtime deployment when the database and application components both need to change? 57:51
  • Can you show us what the developer experience is like with a properly designed database DevOps pipeline? 1:00:40