Webinar - Database DevOps

Rob Pearson

In this webinar, Paul Stovell from Octopus and Jeffrey Palermo from Clear Measure talk about how to achieve safe, automated and drama-free database deployments.

Some of the highlights:

  • When it comes to deployments, the database is fundamentally different. Why is that? 2:32
  • What is the normal status quo at clients before they have automated their database deployments? 8:24
  • What does an automated, unattended database deployment look like? 11:46
  • What about DACPAC, SQL Source Control and other compare-based, or state-based methods? How do those differ from migration scripts? 24:59
  • When a deployment fails, how do you configure a rollback? 34:10
  • How do I configure a zero-downtime deployment when the database and application components both need to change? 42:02
  • Can you show us what the developer experience is like with a properly designed database DevOps pipeline? 47:02