Rob Pearson Rob Pearson July 31, 2018

Webinar - DevOps Deep Dive

In this webinar, Microsoft MVP, Jeffrey Palermo and Octopus Deploy Founder and CEO, Paul Stovell, team up to answer all your DevOps questions, no matter how technical!

It was a great discussion that covered a lot of questions including:

  • Why Clear Measure has made servicing Octopus Deploy a focus (1:58)
  • How to configure a deployment rollback? (6:02)
  • Optimising for reusability and creating reusable projects (10:36)
  • Technical advantages of Octopus Deploy and when it's not the best choice (14:36)
  • My Octopus project dashboard is like a checkerboard, where did I go wrong? (17:47)
  • Choosing between VSTS Release Manager and Octopus Deploy (23:21)
  • What might push me to move to Octopus Deploy Cloud? (31:02)
  • Common mistakes Octopus developers make and how to avoid them (36:10)
  • Where should test runs go when running full system Selenium tests after initial deployment completes? (45:35)
  • The vision behind tenants (54:17)
  • Managing tons and tons of variables (1:00:28)
  • How can I store my entire Octopus configuration in Git so that when I change it, hotfix branches from weeks ago can still be deployed? (1:06:54)
  • Using different production networks separate from the one you can access (1:09:50).
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