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Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from 2019.13.7 to 2020.1.17.

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.17

  • 6358 - Fixes HTTP protocol errors with 304 Not Modified

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.16

  • 6265 - Fixes integrated authentication headers when using active directory integration
  • 6341 - Fixes an issue with Deploy a Release step where deployment would fail if release contained a Manual Intervention step
  • 6342 - SonaType Nexus Helm repo as an external feed no longer errors
  • 6343 - Fixes an issue where active directory groups were not synchronizing correctly for some users
  • 6350 - Fixes an issue where Azure logins were not being correctly proxied

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.15

  • 6325 - Fixes an issue where deploying a package to an Azure Cloud Service target would result in an infinite loop during deployment
  • 6328 - Added "Audit Trail" option to overflow menu for spaces

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.14

  • 6346 - EventViewPermission is not scoped correctly if there are multiple values in any single dimension

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.13

  • 6311 - Removed Release Lane and Long-Term Support concepts from Octopus Server - every release from 2020.1 comes with 6 months support
  • 6313 - Fixes a UI error when creating a scheduled trigger
  • 6315 - Fixes an issue where a run condition based on a variable expression doesn't work when the variable is scoped to a process
  • 6319 - SynchronizeExternalSecurityGroupsForUsers task is not executed when AD integration is not present

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.12

  • 6310 - Runbook task status can only be updated when user has RunbookRunCreate permission (CVE-2020-12482)
  • 6332 - TaskView permission is not scoped to any dimensions e.g. Projects, environments and tenants (CVE-2020-12286)

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.11

  • 6295 - Email notification fonts corrected for outlook
  • 6296 - Fix bug where workers from a second pool might not be released if the default pool is a dynamic worker pool
  • 6299 - Clean up a tenants runbook runs when they are deleted
  • 6302 - Fixes a performance issue in deployment creation when involving a large number of steps, parameters, and tenancies
  • 6306 - Extended the default health check interval in machine policies from 1 hour to 1 day
  • 6307 - Fixes an error that prevented disabling run steps on Octopus Server

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.10

  • 6278 - Fix bug where the Tenant Common Variable Tab is missing when LibraryVariableSetView permissions are scoped to a Tenant or Environment
  • 6281 - Fixed error with upgrading from 2018 versions to 2020.1
  • 6289 - Maven artifacts are properly selected when creating a release with channel rules

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.9

  • 6287 - Fixed a bug where server would crash writing to the server log on Linux

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.8

  • 6275 - Fix bug where Java-based deployments failed on non-Windows targets
  • 6280 - Fix bug where you can't download plain text artifacts greater than 4KB in size

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.7

  • 6267 - Rather than running all packaged scripts for a hook, run just one based on OS preferences
  • 6273 - Redirect user to sign-in form if integrated sign-in fails

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.6

  • 6204 - Fixed bug where the proxyUri PowerShell variable was interfering with user defined variables
  • 6283 - Fix bug with auto-upgrade of tarball Linux tentacles
  • 6262 - Fix connectivity issue with older polling tentacles
  • 6266 - Fix connectivity issue with Listening Tentacles when the Octopus Server is using an SHA1 certificate

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.5

  • 6258 - On premise Active Directory privilege escalation bug fixed
  • 6260 - Tentacle upgrade button is displayed again
  • 6261 - Using a Deploy Package step works again when targeting one of the deprecated Azure Web App targets

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.4

  • 6256 - Fixed a bug where we were shipping a .NETCore version of Octopus.Client, which would break "run on server" scripts that were loading the client dll in PowerShell

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.3

  • 6238 - Fix bug where it can sometimes be slow to retrieve tenant variables
  • 6240 - Don't display pre-release packages by default when selecting specific versions for release
  • 6241 - Fixed bug where the deprecated package variables like 'NugetPackageId' weren't populated
  • 6244 - Fixed bug where a Runbook couldn't be published

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.2

  • 3591 - Library Variable Set View and Edit permissions now support Tenant and Environment scoping. They are no longer coupled to EnvironmentView
  • 6058 - Fixed bug where Octopus was ignoring proxy config when configuring Azure targets
  • 6142 - Fixed bug where multiple directives in NGINX step where getting overridden
  • 6218 - Resolved an issue that prevented a limited number of Octopus Cloud customers from running tasks on the built in worker

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.1

  • 6150 - A package referenced by a Runbook is not deleted by retention policy
  • 6166 - Package extraction now works on the first try when deploying to Mac via SSH
  • 6189 - Downloading package from built-in library will now have content length headers set
  • 6199 - Handle two-part extensions like "tar.gz" when parsing file names
  • 6200 - Fixed an issue where pushing a package results in a SQL timeout if you have many large deployment processes
  • 6207 - Respect the path component of the docker feed's Registry Path when calling docker pull
  • 6210 - Migrator's partial export now supports export of Runbook snapshots
  • 6216 - NGINX step now defaults to creating config files with tenant, environment and package id in the file name
  • 6222 - Allow Azure script and ARM template steps to run on Linux workers
  • 6223 - Allow using Azure service principal or AWS account authentication for Kubernetes on Linux workers

Changes in Octopus 2020.1.0

  • 5842 - The Worker Pool used by a step can now be varied by environment, tenant or tag via project variables
  • 6139 - Run AWS CLI script, AWS S3 Upload and AWS CloudFormation steps can now run on Linux workers
  • 6190 - Pre-fill database name field with recommended name in Octopus Server setup wizard
  • 6192 - Enable Dark Theme
  • 6193 - Added the ability to extend the web portal's functionality dynamically
  • 6194 - Octopus uses now as few MARS connections as possible which significantly improves performance on Linux

Changes in Octopus 2019.13.7

  • 6143 - Fix to the variables/all endpoint when runbooks are in use
  • 6152 - Fix DateTime overflow and year skip in db upgrade schedule conversion
  • 6164 - Fixed up the messages printed in the summary section of health checks
  • 6186 - UI will now default to the last accessed space when no explicit space is provided