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What's new

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading from 2022.3.10600 to 2022.4.3912

Octopus 2022.4

As organizations innovate and scale, DevOps teams deal with complex deployments that demand best-in-breed solutions. Whether delivering containers and microservices or trusted legacy applications, every team faces its own challenges.

Octopus Deploy orchestrates and automates complex deployments, wherever you are in your modernization journey. And we're constantly improving your deployment experience with new features that create happy deployments. The enhancements in this release improve your team's deployment experience from the command-line to our roadmap.

This release's noteworthy updates include:

  • Octopus CLI vNext
  • Config as Code: built-in branch protection support
  • Octopus Deploy interactive roadmap
  • Power up your audit log with control feeds
  • Easier onboarding for teams
  • Work better together with integration updates
    • ITSM Change Management - Jira Service Management support (GA)
    • Improved Hashicorp integration with Terraform Provider for Octopus Deploy 0.9 and Vault Integration
  • Product improvements
    • Simple Master Key Rotation
    • Updates to the task queue to provide richer summaries
    • Improved performance and reliability in the Octopus portal

The 2022 Q4 release is available on Octopus Cloud and ready for download by our self-hosted customers.

Octopus 2022.3

As organizations continue to modernize, it's becoming increasingly important to ensure you can safely and reliably audit your CI/CD pipelines. You need to monitor and secure your deployments, and your teams need to scale reliably with tools to collaborate as releases move from deployment to testing and production.

This release adds support for version-controlled variables for version-controlled projects for a more complete implementation of the Config as Code solution we released in March. We also have several other new features to help you build safe, reliable, and auditable “As Code” CI/CD pipelines. These include ITSM change management with our ServiceNow and Jira Service Management integrations and built-in DevOps reporting.

This release’s noteworthy updates include:

  • Config as Code - version-controlled variables for version-controlled projects
  • ITSM - change management without friction for ServiceNow
  • Jira Service Management - efficient change management approvals (early access)
  • DevOps Insights - DORA insights to quantify value and improvements (early access)
  • GitHub Actions for Octopus Deploy v2
  • Simpler cloud target discovery setup

Together, these features support collaboration, scalability, and security for your deployments.

The 2022 Q3 release is available on Octopus Cloud and ready for download by our self-hosted customers.

Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from 2022.3.10600 to 2022.4.3912.

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.4.3912

  • 7866 - Reduced the payload size of project summaries, increasing the responsiveness of the portal
  • 7942 - Fixed an issue where the internal message bus may cause long-running transactions and excessive SQL queries when running Octopus Server in a multi-node cluster
  • 7809 - Fixed git ref selector disabling with invalid OCL
  • 7795 - Update message bus deserialization to fix message bus event pump related failures
  • 7803 - Unable to save issue tracking settings
  • 7773 - Git operations are slow on instances with a large number of machines
  • 7671 - Fix timeout when connecting projects to large Git repositories
  • 7784 - Fixed an issue where Octopus couldn't authenticate with git repositories hosted by Azure DevOps Server 2020
  • 7695 - Improved error message when git credentials are invalid or expired
  • 7807 - Fix issue with Octopus repeatedly attempting to connect to remote repositories after authentication failure
  • 7798 - Fix prompted variables inputs not showing for Runbooks in projects with Git variables
  • 7785 - Fixed long-running steps failures when using an Azure SQL database
  • 7796 - Fixed an issue where the GitCredentialView permission was required to invoke the /git/validate endpoint
  • 7805 - Improved the efficiency of some space-specific queries
  • 7813 - Fix memory leak in SQL reader cache
  • 7780 - Releases created by scheduled triggers are not considered for Insights Lead Time and are missing from the detail tables
  • 7779 - Fixed an issue where releases created by scheduled triggers were not audited
  • 7790 - Fix upgrade path from v2021.3.12912 and onwards to newer major versions
  • 7759 - OpenID Connect authentication providers can only be uninstalled by setting their environment variables
  • 7655 - Cloud Target Discovery has been updated so that all steps executing in Parallel which require Target Discovery, will have their discovery step scheduled in a parallel block before the parallel block of deployment steps
  • 7768 - Support for discovering Azure Functions Apps has been added
  • 7606 - Fixed Update All button in library step templates failing when template is used used by both git and database projects
  • 7778 - Fixed concurrent cache access
  • 7777 - Scheduled triggers save correctly again
  • 7776 - Fixed an issue with duplicate work item references being sent to Jira
  • 7604 - In addition to SemVer, package retention now also supports other version formats
  • 7772 - Fixed a problem where the Deploy Kubernetes Containers step may incorrectly report a successful deployment even though the a ConfigMap or Secret failed to be provisioned
  • 7748 - LDAP authentication provider can only be uninstalled by setting an environment variable
  • 7750 - Added slugs to Spaces, and added support for using them in the API routes
  • 7757 - Directory services authentication provider can only be uninstalled by setting an environment variable
  • 7804 - Fix issue where behavioural telemetry ingestion from the UI will cause key not present in dictionary errors
  • 7769 - Fix error running Runbooks in projects with prompted library variables
  • 7765 - Start Date now shows correctly again on the Project Trigger overview and when editing

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.4.1371

Breaking Changes
  • 7760 - Updated ServiceNow approval caching. This results in existing Change-controlled deployments being unable to exit "Queued" state; these will need to be canceled and restarted
  • 7755 - Fixes an issue with the "Create Release" page for projects that rely on an image from a DockerHub (<>) feed
Other Changes
  • 7763 - Fixed an issue whereby deployments which reference Jira Work Item(s) (using the Jira Integration) and contain a Manual Intervention step would fail, reporting an AutoFac circular dependency
  • 7758 - Fixed an issue where git migrations may incorrectly get skipped
  • 7747 - Username Password authentication provider can only be uninstalled by setting an environment variable
  • 7557 - Fix cancelling long-running script tasks on Linux Tentacles/Workers
  • 5643 - Out of date Tentacle and Calamari warnings are no longer useful
  • 7735 - Fixed an issue where duplicate slugs were allowed in deployment and runbook processes
  • 7728 - Fixed an issue where tenant certificates were not being exported
  • 7740 - Project triggers no longer generate modified audit events without user input

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.4.791

Breaking Changes
  • 7738 - Guest authentication provider can only be uninstalled by setting an environment variable
Other Changes
  • 7332 - Attempting to save a Form without a selected Account fails validation but the Combo Box does not show as red
  • 7331 - Fixed ECS Cluster Deployment Target so it only enables the save button after data is entered
  • 7746 - API deployments/create/untenanted/v1 fails to deploy release in a version controlled project
  • 7737 - Adding a deployment target will once again ensure that linked environments, machine policies, and tenants exist in the system when using the API
  • 7743 - Ensure rolling deployments happen in correct order based on targets
  • 7742 - Fix an issue where branches created via the branch selector would end up prefixed with refs/heads/
  • 7474 - Fix styling around the load all button
  • 7717 - Fix deployment creation page using incorrect git ref for deployment settings
  • 7373 - Fix clickable area in user identity search list
  • 7680 - Allow delete dialogs to be submitted using the enter key
  • 7445 - Fix navigation bar overflow menu not appearing on smaller screen widths
  • 7696 - Added "machine task processing limit" to the Upgrades settings to allow processing more machines in upgrade and health check tasks at any given time
  • 7734 - Fixed upgrade error when there is a release with a large number in the version
  • 7733 - Fixed deserialization of dates
  • 7721 - Fix Entity Not Found error on Project pages for Projects with unicode character names
  • 7545 - Fixed issue with Unicode in project names
  • 7705 - Connections to machines without a proxy are closed when the machine is deleted
  • 7723 - Make automatic release creation more performant for instances with a large number of projects

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10600

  • 7866 - Reduced the payload size of project summaries, increasing the responsiveness of the portal