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Compare releases

Find out what's new in the latest Octopus Deploy release, or compare the latest release to what you're currently running to see what's changed.


These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading from 3.10.1 to 3.11.17

Octopus 3.10

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Octopus 3.11

Changes in 3.11

3.11.2 fixes security vulnerability that allowed Guest user to modify data.

Certificates Feature

3.11 introduces certificate management.


Changes in Octopus 3.10.1

  • 2999 - Machine connectivity information is now restricted by the MachineView permission instead of MachineEdit permission
  • 2999 - Machine deployment history is now restricted by the TaskView permission instead of MachineView permission
  • 3020 - Disabled steps will now be reflected in the deployment preview.
  • 3149 - Reduced memory usage when applying retention-policy to deployment manifests
  • 3155 - Unscoped variables are now visible again when viewing library variable sets
  • 3167 - Migrator exports now logos of community step templates and missing logos don't break community step templates sync.
  • 3176 - SSH scripts can now be cancelled if they are waiting for another script to execute
  • 3181 - Ensure inaccessible variables are not deleted when saving library variable sets
  • 3182 - Resolved migrator issue importing script-steps when project name contains invalid file-path characters
  • 3184 - Azure Resource Group deployments updated to fix issue with service management endpoint override
  • 3189 - Fixed error when saving action templates if it was last modified in pre 3.4.0.
  • 3194 - Allow skipping SSH health checks to support Naked Scripting

Changes in Octopus 3.11.0

  • 2702 - Certificates Feature
  • 2899 - Fixed Azure steps not running for all targets in roles when there were multiple Azure child steps
  • 2998 - Improved the performance of the release page when the project has a large number of package steps
  • 3122 - Linux machines with older versions of openssl now support long sensitive variables
  • 3193 - Audit events related to automatic user creation are shown as actioned by system user
  • 3196 - Deployment list on the machine detail page now sorts correctly

Changes in Octopus 3.11.1

  • 3209 - Allow certificates with subject longer than 200 characters
  • 3211 - Fixed issue with variable prompt settings not displaying in variable value editor
  • 3214 - Fixed variable resolution on the create release page

Changes in Octopus 3.11.2

  • 3154 - Update Docker Feeds to auto-detect version
  • 3186 - Removed vertical wrapping of project names on global dashboard
  • 3190 - Improved server resource usage with hundreds of polling tentacles
  • 3191 - Project sidebar nav tabs are now accessible on mobile
  • 3192 - Align radio buttons on deploy release page so that they are visible on smaller screens
  • 3202 - Added titles to the Tenant pages so a sensible title appears in the web browser tab
  • 3203 - Fixed a race condition that could cause health checks to stall
  • 3205 - We now actively prevent ClusterWideMutex from exhausting the SQL Connection Pool
  • 3208 - When a deployment resumes a Deployment Resumed event is raised instead of a Deployment Started event
  • 3212 - Resolved issue with certificate private-keys not being found in PFX files when the key was not in the first bag
  • 3215 - Fixed mouse cursor for Active Directory integrated authentication button
  • 3218 - Certificates scoped to environments\tenants are now only visible to users with permissions for at least one of the scoped environments\tenants
  • 3219 - NakedScripting should be renamed to RawScripting
  • 3222 - Restored Guest's user read-only access to data

Changes in Octopus 3.11.3

  • 2562 - Data migration (export/import) no longer cares about the MimeType of logos
  • 3116 - Show clearer error messages when Octopus cannot create an SSH working directory
  • 3225 - Resolved issue: certificate variables scoped to Role were not being expanded

Changes in Octopus 3.11.4

  • 3224 - Add Octopus.Action.FailScriptOnErrorOutput variable to fail scripts if they write to StdErr but return a zero error code
  • 3230 - Resolved certificate icon not found on variable grid
  • 3231 - The Force SSL checkbox in the server manager binding window now shows the correct state when it is first opened
  • 3232 - Fix 3.11.0 bug causing prompted variable labels field to go missing from UI
  • 3233 - Skip All with disabled steps result in an error
  • 3043 - Octo.exe, TeamCity plugin and Octopus.Client now support proxies

Changes in Octopus 3.11.5

  • 3235 - Fixed deployment overview and logs listing steps out of order

Changes in Octopus 3.11.6

  • 2385 - Avoid a PowerShell bug that can cause deployment pauses when an app pool is set to suspend
  • 3087 - Prevent project groups from being removed if linked to a team to avoid permission creep.
  • 3145 - Resolved issue with migrating tenant tags
  • 3207 - Added the special variable Octopus.Action.Package.TreatConfigTransformationWarningsAsErrors (defaults to true) to allow flexibility in dealing with config transform warnings
  • 3216 - The Server and Tentacle managers now allow scrolling of the instance list
  • 3227 - Correct pagination on the package index page so that it only takes into account a single version of each package
  • 3236 - Made 'Target roles' validation message more specific so it says which step needs to be fixed
  • 3237 - Order channels in a case-insensitive manner on the project dashboard
  • 3240 - Modals dismissed if url route changes or user logs out
  • 3244 - Modifying IIS bindings now triggers "You have unsaved changes" warning

Changes in Octopus 3.11.7

  • 3256 - Deployment can now be initiated if the previous success deployment task references a deployment that does not exist

Changes in Octopus 3.11.9

  • 3139 - Ensure that Azure accounts are scoped to the Environment when the Azure step is not scoped to a role
  • 3274 - Fixed upgrade bug that caused a failure when Auto Release Creation was missing a channel

Changes in 3.11.8

NB: 3.11.8 has been removed from the downloads list as some customers had issues updating, this has been resolved in 3.11.9

  • 2633 - Calamari package creation for Linux now uses the Home folder instead of the Program Files folder
  • 2937 - The Tentacle retention process now logs which packages and directories are kept
  • 3137 - Fixed bug preventing project cloning when channel missing on auto release creation strategy
  • 3188 - The Tentacle.exe server-comms command now supports multiple listening/polling configurations
  • 3239 - Resolved issue using variable for user name in private-key access-rules in Import Certificate steps
  • 3241 - Tentacle upgrade no longer hangs if the exit code file is not written
  • 3243 - Better cancellation support during Tentacle upgrade
  • 3245 - Project names on the dashboard now wrap at word-breaks instead of mid-word
  • 3248 - Display correct certificate details when uploading PFX file containing chain
  • 3252 - Resolved issue removing private-key access-rules from Import Certificate steps
  • 3255 - No longer query for all versions of a package from external NuGet feeds when loading release notes
  • 3259 - Migrator now updates step template parameter IDs if they are null when imported
  • 3260 - DB upgrade script added to update step template parameter IDs that are null
  • 3261 - Project variables for Azure accounts that are scoped to a tenant tag are now resolved correctly when creating a deployment
  • 3263 - Projects are now ordered alphabetically in the included/excluded lists on the dashboard configuration page
  • 3264 - Fixed bug with Custom Installation Directory on SSH targets, the root path (/) can now be used again
  • 3265 - Fix empty directories not extracting from zip packages
  • 3267 - Improved performance of the CleanUnavailableMachines task
  • 3269 - Substitute variables in files now supports glob and wildcard pattern matching

Changes in Octopus 3.11.10

  • 2955 - Improve the error message when attempting to register a Tentacle in an environment that cannot be found
  • 3197 - Provide ability to set account for running Tentacle updates
  • 3272 - Prevent Halibut from generating enormous Tentacle logs
  • 3276 - Resolved API warning message for non-admin users when Octopus server does an upgrade check
  • 3279 - Support Tentacle register-with to supply custom listening port to server

Changes in Octopus 3.11.11

  • 2618 - Package release notes are now rendered consistently in the UI and the /api/feeds/{feedid}/packages/notes API endpoint returns Markdown instead of HTML
  • 2826 - No longer log at Error level when package diffing fails in a way we can recover from
  • 3223 - Azure steps no longer hold SQL Connections open for the entire step, to avoid SQL Azure connection issues
  • 3271 - Dont show step scoping drop-down for variable set variables
  • 3280 - Project settings page no longer throws JavaScript error when showing details of an untenanted project
  • 3283 - Reduce the logging level for API 404s from Warning to Information
  • 3284 - Fixed issue where project group restrictions were not being merged correctly for users in multiple teams
  • 3285 - Permissions export now includes Tenant and ProjectGroup restrictions
  • 3287 - No longer log connection errors when disabled polling Tentacles connect
  • 3290 - Azure steps can be run concurrently once again (broken in 3.11.10)

Changes in Octopus 3.11.12

  • 3254 - Tentacle upgrades prevent deployments and health checks from occuring to the same environment
  • 3266 - Fixed a problem which was causing Octopus Server nodes to appear offline for long periods of time in large installations
  • 3273 - The server now attempts to recover from I/O errors when writing task logs instead of continuing to run the task very slowly
  • 3289 - The process no longer crashes if a control message in the deployment output is malformed
  • 3291 - The data migrator now shows a clearer error message when the password provided to the import command is incorrect
  • 3299 - Fixed redirect path on IE11 causing authentication login errors
  • 3302 - From now on the version of Octopus.Client.dll which is bundled with Octopus Server will be the same version the Octopus Server API was tested with
  • 3306 - Offline drop targets that are Unhealthy now show up on the Environments dashboard

Changes in Octopus 3.11.13

  • 3200 - Trim the result of a step run condition expression before checking for truthiness so that " False" is false
  • 3281 - When uploading certificates in a PFX file, bag attributes (e.g. Microsoft CSP) are now maintained
  • 3282 - Automatic Tentacle upgrades from 3.1.7-3.3.22 no longer fail to restart the Tentacle service
  • 3292 - Fix delta compression failing sometimes when there are multiple deployed versions of a package with the same version but different contents
  • 3300 - Fixed issue where the machine deployments tab was not visible for some users
  • 3303 - Fixed issue where feature toggle buttons appeared to change after page load
  • 3309 - Tasks interrupted when the Octopus Server goes offline are now Failed instead of TimedOut
  • 3310 - Provide --clean parameter on Migrator export command
  • 3312 - Beta support for polling tentacles connecting over HTTPS (WebSockets)
  • 3313 - Correctly pass external nuget feed passwords when downloading packages directly to Tentacles
  • 3314 - Improved logging for situations where the SQL Connection Pool is under heavy load
  • 3316 - Substitute variable feature no longer errors if a wildcard path returns a directory
  • 3319 - Improved logging for the work done at the end of each deployment action
  • 3320 - Removed globbing support for now as it broke backwards compatibility and replaced it with extended wilcards (*, **)
  • 3321 - Improved the performance of the variable manifest update at the end of each step
  • 3322 - Improved logging when waiting to update the deployment plan

Changes in Octopus 3.11.14

  • 3315 - Only show Delete option in variable context menu if the variable is editable
  • 3323 - Fix NuGet credentials not working after a 307 redirect when downloading packages directly to the Tentacle
  • 3324 - Fixed JSON variable substitution where decimal values would come through as zero

Changes in Octopus 3.11.15

  • 3086 - Ensure missing linked items are shown in UI, so they can be manually removed
  • 3220 - Fixed an issue where disabled package steps would break channel version rule editing and octo.exe import
  • 3275 - Added health check warnings and errors to the details of health check audit events
  • 3278 - Private-key permissions will not be cleared when importing existing certificate
  • 3331 - Fixed an issue with case sensitive database collation preventing the task queue from popping
  • 3334 - Fix for steps not showing up when re-deploying with previously skipped steps
  • 3335 - Fixed sensitive variables for SSH targets

Changes in Octopus 3.11.16

  • 3171 - octo.exe pack command has verbose logging support showing files added, can also be selected in VSTS extension
  • 3328 - Do not mark a variable for deletion when using the Delete button while editing the variable
  • 3341 - Add Extended API option to NuGet external feeds, which improves Create Release performance on supported feeds
  • 3353 - Improved performance whenever Octopus starts or uses a SQL Transaction by using a single ILog instance, instead of creating a new one each time
  • 3355 - Tentacle upgrade no longer raises a NullReferenceException while waiting for the tentacle to start

Changes in Octopus 3.11.17

  • 3120 - Fix javascript error when adding a new Deploy Azure Web App step
  • 3160 - Fix crash on new project screen when no value provided for project name
  • 3301 - Limit the visibility of deployments to a machine to those who have appropriate environment/project permissions
  • 3308 - Dont reset machine policy when re-registering a machine
  • 3342 - Fixed issue where deployment cancelled audit logs were not visible for users with scoped permissions
  • 3344 - Added missing Channels.FindAll API to the Server
  • 3350 - Fixed issue where deployment overview and logs showed null as step names
  • 3352 - Extract files in the /package folder of nupkg files to match pre-3.4 behavior. The /package/services/metadata folder is still ignored
  • 3354 - Fixed a performance issue with the maintenance mode check, in turn removing some load from the SQL Database for every HTTP request
  • 3363 - Docker steps can be now used as child steps
  • 3365 - Fix bug causing new Docker Stop step to default step filter to an empty step
  • 3372 - Improved performance of building TaskLog tree nodes by up to 10X for large log files