DDD Brisbane 2013

Published on: 3 Dec 2013

This Saturday I'll be doing a presentation at DDD Brisbane.

Automated deployment using TeamCity and Octopus Deploy

Agile software delivery revolves around getting working software in front of people early, and that's easy when you're delivering a small demo application. But when deployments involve delivering multi-tiered solutions to multiple web, application and database servers in production and pre-production environments, deployment itself can be a risky, heart-pounding and time-consuming process.

In this talk, I'll look at streamlining the delivery of .NET applications all the way from source control to pre-production and production environments. At the push of a button (or a source code commit), we'll take code, compile it, run unit tests, deploy it to multiple servers in a test environment, run smoke tests, and then promote it to production. I'll show how TeamCity and Octopus Deploy can work together to put working software into the hands of users, faster.

I'm excited about this presentation because it's the first time we'll be demonstrating Octopus 2.0 in public! The session will be recorded and I'll post a link to it here when it is available.

We're also proud to be silver sponsors for DDD Brisbane this year.

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