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Using the Deploy an Azure App Service step

Terence Wong

Octopus Deploy provides process steps to deploy to Microsoft Azure. A new step, Deploy an Azure App Service, is available to deploy containers to an Azure App service.

To do this, you need:

Setting up Azure Web App

To set up the Azure Web App that you'll deploy:

  1. Navigate to your Resource Group, then click Create, then Web App.
  2. Give the web app a name and check 'Docker Container' for the Publish setting.
  3. Select the appropriate location and create the web app.
  4. You'll see an option to go to the Resource. The URL will be the address of the hosted Web App.

Azure Web App Home

Configuring Octopus Deploy

In your Octopus Deploy instance, navigate to Infrastructure, then Deployment Targets, then Add Deployment Target. Select the Azure tab, then Azure Web App.

Add deployment target

Populate the following fields:

  • Environments - The environment you wish to deploy to
  • Target Roles - The role that will identify the deployment target, you may need to create one if it doesn't exist
  • Account - The linked Azure account in Octopus Deploy
  • Azure Web App - The Web App that you created earlier

Go to Library, then External Feed, then Add Feed.

Populate the following fields:

  • Feed Type - Docker Container Registry
  • Name - Give the feed a name

This step activates the public Docker registry feed that you'll use later. Click Save.

Add the Deploy an Azure App Service step to your project process.

Octopus Azure deploy step

Populate the fields with the following values:

  • Worker Pool - Runs on a Worker from a specific Worker Pool: Hosted Ubuntu
  • On Behalf Of - The role you created in the deployment target step (mine is azure)
  • Container Image - Runs inside a container on a Worker: Container Registry: Docker Image: octopusdeploy/worker-tools:3.2.0-ubuntu.18.04
  • Package - Deploy from a container image Package feed: docker Package ID: octopussamples/randomquotes

In this example, we deploy a sample Docker image hosted on Docker Hub. The image below shows the result of my configuration. Click Save.

Octopus Azure deploy step configuration

Click Create Release then click through to the Deploy button to deploy the Web App to Azure.

Deploy Success

Viewing your Web App

Navigate to the URL of your Web App - [your-url]

Random Quotes


In this post, you set up an Octopus Deploy project to deploy a Web App using the new Deploy an Azure App Service step.

Happy deployments!

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