June 30, 2014

Step template contest winners

To help fill the Octopus Deploy library, we ran a short competition.

All you have to do is submit a pull request for a step template, and if it's accepted, you'll go into the draw. At the end of June I'll pick 3 winners at random, and we'll mail a mug to you.

To select the 3 winners, I took the list of contributors to the GitHub repository, and wrote a short PowerShell script to select 3 at random. I put the script in the Script Console on our demo server.

Script console

The script ran, and you can view the output to see who won. Isn't it great to have a central, persistent, audited place from which to run PowerShell scripts? :-)

For everyone who submitted a template but didn't win, we'll have something for you too. Happy deployments!


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