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Compare releases and check for compatibility between your existing Octopus Server and new releases.

Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from to

Changes in Octopus

  • Retention policies (blog post)
  • Installer now checks for dependencies (details)
  • Installer allows you to choose between Windows and Forms authentication (details)
  • Fixed a bug that meant similarly named/versioned packages from two different feeds would overwrite each other (details)
  • Fixed a bug with Octopus Restore shortcut pointing to wrong executable (details)

Changes in Octopus

  • Added a UI for restoring backups (from .octobak files) - blog post to come
  • Fixed an API bug that prevented the most-recent-deployments URL from working in some scenarios (details)
  • Fixed Tentacle upgrade bug (details)
  • Packages already uploaded to a Tentacle won't be re-uploaded if the file hash hasn't changed (details)
  • Fixed a bug that meant roles disappeared from the edit package step screen (details) (NB: This is a minor release to with no code changes. There's no need to install this version if you already installed