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Compare releases

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These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading from 2018.8.12 to 2018.9.12

Octopus 2018.8


2018.8.0 introduces initial alpha level support for Kubernetes. These new steps, feeds and targets allow you to deploy Kubernetes Deployment, Service, Ingress, ConfigMap and Secret resources. You can find documentation of these features here.

Client Versions

Octopus.Clients, the Octo CLI command line tools and the Team City plugin must be updated to version 4.39.4 to work with the new features in Octopus 2018.8.0.


We have added a new feature to the deploy CloudFormation Template step which enables the use of changesets. This allows transforms such as AWS::Serverless and AWS::Include to be used and optionally deferring execution in order to review changes as part of a manual intervention step before executing changes.

Octopus 2018.9



2018.9 removes the alpha feature-flag from the Kubernetes support in Octopus!

The following pieces are now fully-supported members of the Octopus family:

Offline Drop Artifacts

Offline Package Drop targets can now be configured to persist the bundle as an Octopus Artifact.

Offline Package Drop targets could previously only persist the bundle to a file-system directory, which wasn't suitable for Octopus Cloud instances. Artifacts are a perfect fit for this; the deployment bundle is persisted a zip file stored against the deployment in Octopus.

Cloud Dependency Updates

All the Cloud dependencies that ship with Octopus have had an update in 2018.9

  • Azure PowerShell modules upgraded from 5.7.0 to 6.8.1. This update fixes some known issues with the 5.7.0 release of Azure PowerShell.
  • Azure CLI upgraded from 2.0.42 to 2.0.45
  • AWS PowerShell modules upgraded from to 3.3.343.0
  • AWS CLI upgraded from 1.16.6 to 1.16.15
  • Terraform CLI upgraded from 0.11.5 to 0.11.8
  • Terraform AzureRm plugin version 1.16.0
  • Terraform AWS plugin version 1.39.0


Changes in Octopus 2018.8.12

  • 4958 - Fixed an issue with NuGet feeds when migrating from 2.6 to versions later than 2018.8.0
  • 4973 - Machines that trigger an auto deploy event while a tenanted deployment is in progress will now receive that deployment when it finishes
  • 4975 - Fixed a rare crash that occurred when attempting to write log files
  • 4991 - Add backwards support to deploy Service Fabric applications using CloudRegion targets
  • 4998 - Terraform Apply step now supports multi-line output variables
  • 4999 - Added a null check for a missing ActionName in GetPackageVersionsUsedInReleases
  • 5005 - Bugfix: Kubernetes volume mount validation when using raw YAML

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.0

  • 4302 - The built-in worker command-line interface handles machine\user and domain\user formats more gracefully
  • 4574 - Updated the Azure PS bundle to 6.8.1 and the Azure CLI to 2.0.45
  • 4774 - Offline-Drop targets can now store the bundle as an Octopus Artifact
  • 4871 - The interruption and artifact APIs now have an ETag, lessening the load on the database
  • 4953 - In 2018.8 it was possible to corrupt auto-release-creation and channel rules by renaming package references on script steps
  • 4954 - Allow script step package references to be used for project versioning
  • 4970 - Updated the AWS PS bundle to 3.3.343.0 and the AWS CLI to 1.16.15
  • 4971 - Updated Terraform to 0.11.8, the AzureRM plugin to 1.16.0, and the AWS plugin to 1.39.0
  • 4989 - Fix for error reporting missing variable set snapshot NullReferenceException during deployments and variable set editing
  • 4990 - Built-In Worker settings are now displayed on the Configuration->Nodes->Server Settings page
  • 4995 - Exposed annotations for the pod resources created by the Kubernetes deployment resource
  • 4997 - The path command-line interface now validates paths and tries to create the path if it does not exist
  • 5017 - The Octopus.Server.exe database --upgrade --skipLicenseCheck command actually skips the license check properly now
  • 5018 - Fixed a bug with auto login when only the Active Directory provider was enabled
  • 5019 - K8S service annotations now exposed like Ingress and Deployment annotations

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.1

  • 5023 - User accounts from certain email domains can be excluded from billing at the discretion of the service provider
  • 5025 - Improvements to concurrency protection on variable sets
  • 5026 - Call to api/projects?name=[test] fails because of the special chars
  • 5027 - Sensitive Template Project variables on a Tenant will now show "value required" warning when they are empty
  • 5028 - Now preventing the SQL Database connection string from containing both Integrated Security and SQL Authentication with User ID or Password to prevent confusion
  • 5035 - Bundled Tentacle 3.23.2 which fixes a bug in the Tentacle Manager that was preventing showing instances
  • 5036 - 2018.9.0 introduced an issue where upgrading was converting offline-package-drop targets to use artifact mode
  • 5042 - 2018.8.0 introduced an RCE flaw in YAML parsing (CVE-2018-18850) which is now rectified

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.2

  • 5029 - UI improve the lifecycles list for long lifecycles
  • 5039 - Updated the UI design and user-experience when adding new deployment targets/workers
  • 5041 - The task summary page now shows the channel chip
  • 5044 - Resolved issue with multiple channel rules introduced in 2018.9.0
  • 5046 - Instead of limiting workers and worker pools by licensing, we now only limit workers themselves, allowing you to create as many worker pools as you want
  • 5047 - Sensitive output variables are now masked in the task logs of child steps (CVE-2018-18900)

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.3

  • 4969 - Dashboard can be cached longer than 2 seconds
  • 5037 - Step template usages are now sorted alphabetically
  • 5043 - Show more informative summary text for an Active Directory identity when the specified account has no email address set
  • 5048 - Added pod and node affinity settings to the k8s container deployment step
  • 5050 - Only show the channel chip on the task summary page if the project has more than one channel
  • 5051 - Migrator now remaps Deploy Release step projects

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.4

  • 4849 - Deployments are now removed from the dashboard again when they or their release is deleted
  • 4957 - The dashboard now correctly shows the updated version number of a release again when it is changed
  • 5054 - Resolved issue introduced in 2018.9.0 where updating step template usages was causing exception when viewing project

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.5

  • 5024 - Database upgrade scripts now consistently roll back to the last known good state regardless of which specific kind of upgrade script fails
  • 5038 - Database upgrade scripts now use an infinite SQL command timeout consistently - we really want the upgrade to complete even if a particular command takes a longer time than expected
  • 5055 - K8S standalone Secret and ConfigMap steps deploy as expected now

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.6

  • 5013 - Significant decrease in the amount of data persisted with deployments, especially when using a large number of certificates
  • 5059 - Increased the database connection timeout and transaction commit/rollback timeout for database upgrades to 3 minutes, just like it was before 2018.9.0
  • 5063 - Fixed validation for kubernetes volumes that referenced external configmaps or secrets

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.7

  • 5020 - fixed some rare cases of certificate read failures after upgrading to 2018.8.7
  • 5032 - Fix a bug where IE 11 does not render artifacts URL correctly
  • 5056 - UI legacy toggle on Azure steps to access older template functionality
  • 5058 - Fixed issue with Deploy Release step not always failing when the release fails
  • 5061 - Enable full screen mode for the variable editor dialog
  • 5065 - migrator.exe now correctly handles the default worker pool selected by certain deployment targets, where the selection would have been dropped during the import process
  • 5068 - Folders with Junctions can now be deleted again
  • 5069 - migrator.exe now correctly handles the worker pool selected for actions in a deployment process, where the selection would have been dropped during the import process
  • 5070 - kubectl config file is now displayed in the verbose logs
  • 5071 - The package cache and working directory can now be configured
  • 5076 - Fixed up integration with| docker repo

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.8

  • 4920 - Fixed issue with packages not being listed when using TeamCity 2018.1.x legacy NuGet feeds
  • 5066 - Fixed an issue with the S3 step where invalid bucket keys were being used when using multiple file selections
  • 5072 - migrator.exe now gracefully handles the importing tenant + project + environment connections when the project or environment does not exist in the target
  • 5081 - migrator.exe now correctly handles importing subscriptions which are filtered by tenant tags

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.9

  • 5021 - Kubernetes target certificates now reported in certificate usage
  • 5052 - User accounts for Octopus Support Staff can now be added to an Octopus Server regardless of license limits
  • 5054 - Resolved issue introduced in 2018.9.0 where updating step template usages was causing exception when viewing project
  • 5079 - Resolved logging format exception when executing database upgrade script
  • 5080 - Fix a bug where wrong permission is used when try changing lifecycle for a project
  • 5087 - migrator.exe now correctly handles importing variable values scoped to tenants via tenant tags

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.10

  • 4817 - Subscription emails now display events in ascending order by the time the event occurred
  • 4846 - Reduced queue time in some instances for tasks resuming from manual intervention
  • 4941 - Guided failure for required steps no longer presents the option to skip the step or exclude a machine from the step
  • 5077 - Exposed image pull policy settings for K8S containers
  • 5078 - Standalone ingress rules now accept variable host names
  • 5080 - Fix a bug where wrong permission is used when try changing lifecycle for a project
  • 5082 - migrator.exe now correctly handles importing accounts restricted to environments or tenants where some of those environments or tenants do not exist in the target
  • 5084 - migrator.exe now correctly handles importing project triggers which filter events for certain environments where some of those environments do not exist in the target
  • 5085 - migrator.exe now correctly handles importing deployment targets belonging to certain environments or tenants where some of those environments or tenants do not exist in the target
  • 5086 - migrator.exe now correctly handles importing account variables, where before the account variable was not remapped correctly from source to target
  • 5090 - Fixed issue with subscription webhooks using wrong http header type
  • 5093 - Octopus Cloud licenses are excluded from compliance pre-condition checks when upgrading the database or applying a new license
  • 5094 - If a database upgrade script is running for a long time without showing any progress messages, we now log a "still working" message every minute until the script completes

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.11

  • 5095 - Resolved issue where project versioning-strategy was being cleared when upgrading from Octopus 2018.8.x to 2018.9
  • 5097 - Fix a bug where VariableSet cannot be retrieved through Deployment.ManifestVariableSetId when there is variable scoped to channel
  • 5098 - Fix for Service Fabric targets API failing to retrieve store location/name override
  • 5100 - migrator.exe now correctly exports library variable sets used by a project and any of its releases, where beforehand any library variable sets removed from the project would not be exported subsequently causing the import to fail
  • 5101 - Migrator now correctly remaps tenant tag references when the tag-set exists on the destination

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.12

  • 4411 - Fix text color of Tenant Tag tooltip so description is visible
  • 4672 - Fix an issue where enter causes the variable editor to save when adding a new variable
  • 4947 - Fix an issue where bottom action buttons for lists would be duplicated or constantly appear and disappear
  • 5060 - Changing a projects lifecycle now correctly re-renders the phases and environments
  • 5091 - Fix F# compatibility with mono version 5.16
  • 5103 - Improved summary text for subscription filters
  • 5104 - Added Octopus.Machine.Hostname to automatic variable completion list
  • 5105 - Added help text for User Profile -> Api Keys
  • 5106 - Ensure deployment target icons are shown at smaller screen resolutions
  • 5107 - The icon on disabled chips is now grayed out in the same way as the text
  • 5108 - Infrastructure page now correctly shows worker pools and workers tabs when user has permission
  • 5109 - Fixed missing variable icon overlapping the project name on the tenant variable screen
  • 5111 - Long project names no longer overlap the selected environments on the tenant variable screen
  • 5112 - Fix an issue where default ports were not provided for ssh and listening tentacles during creation
  • 5113 - Helm deployments fail with target using cloud account
  • 5114 - API key creation now creates an audit log, regardless of who you create the key for
  • 5120 - New NGINX feature available when deploying a package to SSH Deployment targets