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Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from 2018.8.12 to 2018.9.6.

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.6

  • 5013 - Significant decrease in the amount of data persisted with deployments, especially when using a large number of certificates
  • 5059 - Increased the database connection timeout and transaction commit/rollback timeout for database upgrades to 3 minutes, just like it was before 2018.9.0
  • 5063 - Fixed validation for kubernetes volumes that referenced external configmaps or secrets

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.5

  • 5024 - Database upgrade scripts now consistently roll back to the last known good state regardless of which specific kind of upgrade script fails
  • 5038 - Database upgrade scripts now use an infinite SQL command timeout consistently - we really want the upgrade to complete even if a particular command takes a longer time than expected
  • 5055 - K8S standalone Secret and ConfigMap steps deploy as expected now

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.4

  • 4849 - Deployments are now removed from the dashboard again when they or their release is deleted
  • 4957 - The dashboard now correctly shows the updated version number of a release again when it is changed
  • 5054 - Resolved issue introduced in 2018.9.0 where updating step template usages was causing exception when viewing project

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.3

  • 4969 - Dashboard can be cached longer than 2 seconds
  • 5037 - Step template usages are now sorted alphabetically
  • 5043 - Show more informative summary text for an Active Directory identity when the specified account has no email address set
  • 5048 - Added pod and node affinity settings to the k8s container deployment step
  • 5050 - Only show the channel chip on the task summary page if the project has more than one channel
  • 5051 - Migrator now remaps Deploy Release step projects

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.2

  • 5029 - UI improve the lifecycles list for long lifecycles
  • 5039 - Updated the UI design and user-experience when adding new deployment targets/workers
  • 5041 - The task summary page now shows the channel chip
  • 5044 - Resolved issue with multiple channel rules introduced in 2018.9.0
  • 5046 - Instead of limiting workers and worker pools by licensing, we now only limit workers themselves, allowing you to create as many worker pools as you want
  • 5047 - Sensitive output variables are now masked in the task logs of child steps (CVE-2018-18900)

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.1

  • 5023 - User accounts from certain email domains can be excluded from billing at the discretion of the service provider
  • 5025 - Improvements to concurrency protection on variable sets
  • 5026 - Call to api/projects?name=[test] fails because of the special chars
  • 5027 - Sensitive Template Project variables on a Tenant will now show "value required" warning when they are empty
  • 5028 - Now preventing the SQL Database connection string from containing both Integrated Security and SQL Authentication with User ID or Password to prevent confusion
  • 5035 - Bundled Tentacle 3.23.2 which fixes a bug in the Tentacle Manager that was preventing showing instances
  • 5036 - 2018.9.0 introduced an issue where upgrading was converting offline-package-drop targets to use artifact mode
  • 5042 - 2018.8.0 introduced an RCE flaw in YAML parsing (CVE-2018-18850) which is now rectified

Changes in Octopus 2018.9.0

  • 4302 - The built-in worker command-line interface handles machine\user and domain\user formats more gracefully
  • 4574 - Updated the Azure PS bundle to 6.8.1 and the Azure CLI to 2.0.45
  • 4774 - Offline-Drop targets can now store the bundle as an Octopus Artifact
  • 4871 - The interruption and artifact APIs now have an ETag, lessening the load on the database
  • 4953 - In 2018.8 it was possible to corrupt auto-release-creation and channel rules by renaming package references on script steps
  • 4954 - Allow script step package references to be used for project versioning
  • 4970 - Updated the AWS PS bundle to 3.3.343.0 and the AWS CLI to 1.16.15
  • 4971 - Updated Terraform to 0.11.8, the AzureRM plugin to 1.16.0, and the AWS plugin to 1.39.0
  • 4989 - Fix for error reporting missing variable set snapshot NullReferenceException during deployments and variable set editing
  • 4990 - Built-In Worker settings are now displayed on the Configuration->Nodes->Server Settings page
  • 4995 - Exposed annotations for the pod resources created by the Kubernetes deployment resource
  • 4997 - The path command-line interface now validates paths and tries to create the path if it does not exist
  • 5017 - The Octopus.Server.exe database --upgrade --skipLicenseCheck command actually skips the license check properly now
  • 5018 - Fixed a bug with auto login when only the Active Directory provider was enabled
  • 5019 - K8S service annotations now exposed like Ingress and Deployment annotations

Changes in Octopus 2018.8.12

  • 4958 - Fixed an issue with NuGet feeds when migrating from 2.6 to versions later than 2018.8.0
  • 4973 - Machines that trigger an auto deploy event while a tenanted deployment is in progress will now receive that deployment when it finishes
  • 4975 - Fixed a rare crash that occurred when attempting to write log files
  • 4991 - Add backwards support to deploy Service Fabric applications using CloudRegion targets
  • 4998 - Terraform Apply step now supports multi-line output variables
  • 4999 - Added a null check for a missing ActionName in GetPackageVersionsUsedInReleases
  • 5005 - Bugfix: Kubernetes volume mount validation when using raw YAML