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Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from 2019.10.12 to 2019.11.3.

Changes in Octopus 2019.11.3

  • 5769 - Disable adding a new project in the UI when there are no Project Groups or Lifecycles
  • 6061 - The target limit specified in the license is enforced now
  • 6073 - Fix React Error in container within Kubernetes step
  • 6083 - External groups are now indicated on users' teams lists
  • 6086 - Fixed layout issue on the User Role tab on the Team Edit page

Changes in Octopus 2019.11.2

  • 4440 - Include experimental support for linux-arm SSH targets
  • 5687 - Newline characters in variables are persisted after editing
  • 5822 - Cancelling a health check for an offline Tentacle now cancels much quicker, and no longer waits the full connect timeout
  • 5840 - Fixed a bug where deleting a parent step might delete the wrong step
  • 6060 - Update UI to Show Spaces dropdown when permitted to add spaces or has access to multiple spaces
  • 6066 - Improved performance for many places using projects, including the projects page and the tasks page
  • 6081 - Handled trailing semicolons in the address field of the send email step
  • 6085 - Fixed issue where sometimes server tasks are not processed until restart

Changes in Octopus 2019.11.1

  • 6063 - Fixes bug that makes select dropdown unclickable
  • 6064 - Add "Test" button for Azure DevOps Issue Tracker connectivity in settings
  • 6065 - Fix bug causing some server tasks to not be cleaned up correctly
  • 6068 - Added a re-deploy button to the deployment page
  • 6069 - Fixed bug where links in the audit log for modifications to user roles pointed to /app/#not-found instead of the role
  • 6070 - Improve logging of timezone conversion failures during scheduled health checks
  • 6071 - Fixed issue with filtering of environments and worker pools collapsing groups when removing a filter
  • 6072 - Fix bug where upgrading instances with runbooks would always show false warnings

Changes in Octopus 2019.11.0

  • 4728 - Health Check and Tentacle Upgrades work with filters
  • 4925 - Breaking change Restructured scheduled triggers and fixed bug where scheduled trigger was missing intervals
  • 5843 - Fixed links to manual intervention in the audit log and task history
  • 5861 - Filtering Dashboard by Max Limit does not add errors or warnings
  • 5977 - Added prompted variable support for runbooks by allowing variables to be scoped to both deployment and runbook processes
  • 6034 - Introducing Publishing for Runbooks
  • 6039 - Reliably show package acquisition location radio buttons
  • 6043 - UI adding Triggers menus for Runbooks
  • 6052 - Show additional information in Tentacle and Server Manager when checking for the presence of PowerShell 2.0 fails
  • 6054 - Fix bug causing deployments to target incorrect environments when slow to return preview data
  • 6055 - Octopus Client checks now whether the package upload was successful when the upload times out
  • 6056 - Fixed bug where links in the audit log for modifications to accounts pointed to /app/#not-found instead of the account
  • 6057 - Add runbook usages for accounts, library variable sets and script modules
  • 6059 - Fixed bug in Tentacle where Powershell wasn't being checked if it was installed correctly

Changes in Octopus 2019.10.12

  • 5554 - Support for Self-Hosted BitBucket commit links
  • 5942 - Improved the formatting of BitBucket commit link urls
  • 6029 - Fixed json configs not replacing variables that start with "octopus"
  • 6032 - Fixed error messaging showing when updating a project from a step template that has been changed to use a package type variable
  • 6038 - Fixed error that cause an Object refrence not set error to show on the package search
  • 6044 - Added retries running the Tentacle MSI to the Tentacle upgrader if msiexec failed to run successfully
  • 6046 - Added support for using Set-PSDebug -trace to diagnose PowerShell errors
  • 6047 - Improved PowerShell error messages when exceptions occur
  • 6050 - Fixed an obscure error with Kubernetes health checks on windows 2019
  • 6051 - Fix bug where health checks would not re-include targets under certain conditions