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Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from 2019.5.12 to 2019.6.5.

Changes in Octopus 2019.6.5

  • 5703 - Fix for Project Deploy Release page appears to hang with a large number of tenants
  • 5705 - Fix for incorrectly migrated user roles that could not be saved due to validation error
  • 5708 - Create correct commit links in Octopus when using git@<host>: URLs in the VCS root in package metadata
  • 5715 - Fix for project and project-group scoped permission UI issues
  • 5717 - Fix for Upgrading from 2018.10 to 2019.3+ fails when package configuration contains forward slashes
  • 5719 - Fix for Tenant variablesmissing endpoint is slow to load with a project/tenant filter when there are many tenants variables
  • 5738 - Fixed issue where proxy password was in certain circumstances rendered as clear text in deployment log - CVE: CVE-2019-14268

Changes in Octopus 2019.6.4

  • 5682 - Fixed an issue where server would fail to start due to incompatibility checks after upgrading from older versions
  • 5697 - Wildfly deployments working again

Changes in Octopus 2019.6.3

  • 5671 - Fixed issue where historical feed data in database caused primary key violation when creating a new space
  • 5673 - Fixed an issue where the UI would prevent you from selecting an environment to deploy to if your DeploymentCreate permissions were scoped to tenants
  • 5675 - Deployments awaiting manual intervention will no longer block other deployments to the environment by default. This behavior can now be controlled by a switch on the manual intervention step

Changes in Octopus 2019.6.2

  • 5665 - Fix an issue where it was not possible to select a certificate or account when using tenant variables

Changes in Octopus 2019.6.1

  • 5663 - Fixed the logic in Azure Service Fabric deployments to determine if upgrades are available

Changes in Octopus 2019.6.0

  • 5651 - Added validation to the IIS configuration to ensure a hostname is entered when SNI is enabled
  • 5650 - Show error message when kubectl returns error message

Changes in Octopus 2019.5.12

  • 4964 - Added special variable OctopusUseBundledAwsCLI to allow opting out of using the bundled AWS CLI
  • 5360 - Added special variable OctopusUseBundledAwsPowerShellModules to allow opting out of using the bundled AWS PowerShell modules
  • 5395 - Update bundled AWS CLI to 1.16.178
  • 5466 - Variable selector on tenant variables now includes variables from the selected project
  • 5467 - Variables supplied from parent to child projects with Deploy Release steps will correctly have a higher specificity score now allowing them to always overwrite child variables
  • 5474 - Added an option to merge instead of replace IIS bindings
  • 5575 - Fix for TypeError on certificate search, when certificate data was in an unexpected state
  • 5584 - If SMTP is configured to use SSL/TLS and initial connection using SSL fails, we try to connect using TLS instead. If SMTP is not configured to use SSL/TLS we intially try to connect using TLS but if that fails we connect using an insecure connection
  • 5589 - Fix for audit entries on variables where no changes were made
  • 5608 - Fixed bug that was preventing Automatic Release Creation from running when an unrelated package was of a higher version than the package specified for ARC
  • 5621 - Fix issue where filter in dropdown can’t be focused
  • 5624 - Bugfix paging through docker registry results
  • 5626 - Tentacle has wriggled into the Linux category for deployment targets and workers
  • 5630 - Fixed issue where usage of Token account variables was not shown correctly in the UI
  • 5631 - Updated bundled Tentacle which has improved connection retry logic and certificate import improvements
  • 5632 - Fixed an issue with boolean handling in the Azure Resource Group template step's code editor
  • 5637 - Service Fabric profile flag to disable upgrades is now honoured
  • 5638 - Added report about executing threads stacks as part of Diagnostics zip
  • 5641 - Fixed a bug where Octopus can take a long time to connect to deployment targets