Compare releases

Compare releases

Find out what's new in the latest Octopus Deploy release, or compare the latest release to what you're currently running to see what's changed.


These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading from 2019.7.13 to 2019.8.3

Octopus 2019.7


Octopus 2019.7 is a significant release even though it doesn't include any user-facing features. It includes technical changes to retarget Octopus Deploy to .NET Framework 4.7.2 and .NET Core 2.2 so Octopus can run natively on Linux and in Linux containers. This change is initially for Octopus Cloud and it will be extended to Octopus self-hosted in the future.

Watch our blog for some great technical blog posts on what this involved and our lessons learned.

Breaking changes

Most customers can upgrade directly to Octopus Server 2019.7, except those hosting Octopus Server on Windows Server 2008 SP2. This blog post has more details about who will be affected, and what you can do to upgrade.

Don't worry, the Octopus Server installer will prevent you from accidentally upgrading if your host operating system will not be supported.

Octopus 2019.8


2019.8 includes:

  • Improved deployment process editor: Quickly jump between steps when editing the deployment process
  • Cloning Tenants
  • More health check scheduling options: Health checks can be configured to run on a cron expression, or to never run
  • Allow overriding namespace in Kubernetes steps
  • New Variable Filter expressions: Trim, Substring, Truncate, UriEscape, UriDataEscape
  • Copy and paste to add certificates: Certificates can now be pasted as text directly into the portal

See our blog post for the full details.

Breaking changes

No breaking changes in this release.


Changes in Octopus 2019.7.13

  • 5497 - Fixed a bug that prevent upgrades when malformed artifact documents exist
  • 5500 - Fix for scheduled release creation for variable package feeds
  • 5771 - Add connectivity verification buttons for Jira issue tracker settings
  • 5788 - Consecutive spaces in Projects and Spaces are now ignored during the "type the name to confirm" delete validation
  • 5792 - Force Upgrade option will create a new Service Fabric deployment if none exists
  • 5795 - The WebUI HTTP listener now retries if there is a network error that causes it to terminate
  • 5796 - Fix linking of Projects to Channels in Audit Log
  • 5800 - Module imports are now timed and printed as verbose log messages
  • 5804 - UI adding a side-by-side step-editing experience and filters

Changes in Octopus 2019.8.0

  • 5213 - Fix issue where Calamari doesn't respect the setting to bypass the default proxy in windows
  • 5726 - System.IO.IOException: The process cannot access the file 'xxx' because it is being used by another process during Calamari package extraction
  • 5727 - Add the ability to clone a Tenant
  • 5784 - Demote logging level for "Setting Proxy Environment Variables" to VERBOSE
  • 5793 - Moved --ServerNodeName from the configure command to the create-instance command
  • 5798 - Fixed a bug in ProjectSwitcher that was redirecting to the wrong projects after filtering results
  • 5805 - Fixed a null reference exception that occurred on login in some AD configurations after upgrade beyond 2019.5.0
  • 5806 - Allow configuration of a specific domain for cookies issued by server, to allow custom web UIs to call the API
  • 5811 - Add a description field to each Tenant
  • 5812 - Add UriEscape, UriDataEscape, Substring, Trim and Truncate filters for variable substitutions

Changes in Octopus 2019.8.1

  • 5813 - Jira comment parser RegEx updated to simplify and also remove some false positive cases
  • 5814 - Machine policy health check no longer runs at startup when health check policy is set to Never
  • 5815 - Fixed a performance problem where looking at a deployment paused by manual intervention would cause high CPU usage on the Octopus Server, but only if the manual intervention was not restricted to specific teams and you have a LOT of teams
  • 5816 - UI fix for accessing Project Templates menu for multi-tenancy
  • 5817 - UI fix for cloning steps across different projects
  • 5818 - Fixed a bug preventing new variable values from being added to a project or library variable set where there is already another variable value with the same name
  • 5819 - Made CTRL+Click work in the project switch again, so it opens the selected project in a new browser tab just like it did before 2019.7.13

Changes in Octopus 2019.8.2

  • 5647 - Package acquisition now runs after manual intervention for steps with additional packages
  • 5803 - Automatic redirect to secure WebUI binding now works for localhost binding
  • 5820 - Fix misaligned deployment process chips
  • 5825 - Certificates without a private key can now be installed into another user's key store on windows
  • 5826 - Fixed the User edit page so the Reset Password button is only enabled based on the same permissions checks logic the API is using
  • 5830 - Updated bundle Tentacle to 5.0.3 to fix crash when launching Tentacle Manager
  • 5834 - Includes bundled Tentacle 5.0.3 with fix for memory leak with Listening Tentacles

Changes in Octopus 2019.8.3

  • 5832 - Improved startup performance when many files exist in the Octopus Server directory
  • 5836 - Empty annotation, label, secret and configmap values are now passed through to K8S
  • 5839 - Includes bundled Tentacle 5.0.4 which includes the new Linux Tentacle