Compare releases

Compare releases

Find out what's new in the latest Octopus Deploy release, or compare the latest release to what you're currently running to see what's changed.


These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading from 2019.9.15 to 2019.10.5

Octopus 2019.9


  • Streamlined deployment process editor with better visibility of your entire deployment process and fewer clicks to navigate between steps.
  • Added support for Tentacle for Linux to improve the flexibility of Linux deployments including support to deploy to highly secure environments where it’s not possible to open port 22.
  • Tenant cloning for faster configuration of new Tenants.
  • Added health check scheduling options so they can be configured to run on a cron expression, or to never run.
    • Added support to override namespace in Kubernetes steps.
    • New Variable Filter expressions including Trim, Substring, Truncate, UriEscape and UriDataEscape.
    • Added support to paste to certificates as text to add certificates directly in the portal.

Read our blog post to learn more.

Breaking changes

This release includes a single breaking change as Octopus Server no longer supports for Windows Server 2008 SP2.

Octopus 2019.10


Flexible Linux deployments, PowerShell Core support, Operations RunBooks EAP

  • Tentacle for Linux enables deployments to highly secured servers without opening port 22 in production environments
  • Built-in PowerShell Core support for both Windows and Linux platforms
  • Improved build information and work item tracking
    • Package metadata has been renamed to Build Information and promoted to a top level section in the Octopus Library.
    • Added support for deployment change templates so you can customize the structure of your deployment changes.
  • Simpler package-based step templates whereby we show our package selector when a package-based step template is added to a project
  • Early access to Runbooks for Operations teams enabling teams to run emergency or routine operations tasks in a first-class way

Read our blog post to learn more.

Breaking changes

PowerShell Core

PowerShell Core support has introduced a change where running PowerShell scripts against non-Windows targets no longer silently ignores .ps1 files. Octopus will now attempt to execute .ps1 files on deployment targets. If PowerShell Core is installed on those targets, this may change the behaviour of your deployments. If PowerShell Core is not installed on those targets, the deployment will fail.

Build Information

Our build information change involved renaming resources from the API through to the database. This is generally backwards compatible, however anyone using our GitHub issue tracker will need to ensure they upgrade their Octopus Server if they upgrade their Azure DevOps extension, TeamCity plugin, or Bamboo plugin.


Changes in Octopus 2019.9.15

  • 6254 - On premise Active Directory privilege escalation bug fixed

Changes in Octopus 2019.10.0

  • 4270 - Allow deferring the package selection until the step template is added to a project
  • 5601 - Release filter dropdown will now show a few options when clicked on
  • 5604 - Added a new deployment variable for changes, and a Deployment Notes template on the project settings to control its content
  • 5606 - Build Information search and view added to the Library
  • 5848 - "Stop a Docker Resource" step will not remove the containers unless "Stop and remove" action is explicitly selected
  • 5860 - Package selection dropdown will now show a few options when clicked on
  • 5881 - Adds support for PowerShell Core deployment scripts on all platforms. Breaking Change: PowerShell scripts (for example, .ps1 files embedded in packages) will be run on non-windows targets
  • 5885 - Package Metadata renamed to Build Information (Branch is now included too)
  • 5886 - Fixed bug with child project version comparisons during release creation
  • 5888 - Introducing Runbooks for Operations Teams (EAP feature)
  • 5893 - Create User action can now add external logins, due to a bug was only available in editing existing users
  • 5895 - Fixes rare crash in editing a package deployment step if a large amount of feeds are present
  • 5900 - Fix for upgrade error unable to find id in Script0206 - affecting case sensitive SQL server installations
  • 5903 - Fixed an issue where a project was not able to be cloned when the logo file was missing, the cloned project will now use the default logo

Changes in Octopus 2019.10.1

  • 5892 - Fix for duplicate key exception when cleaning up build information/package metadata
  • 5897 - UI performance boost for Octopus instances with lots of projects doing lots of deployments
  • 5899 - On the project process view, the step list overlaps if the step name has long words
  • 5912 - Fix issue where project switcher would open a new tab when clicking away
  • 5913 - Fixed issue with Build Information upgrade script that would block if it couldn't find expected old indexes
  • 5917 - UI rendering performance improvements to the projects list screen for customers operating at scale
  • 5918 - Fix for handling of deployment processes where a null package collection may result in a Value cannot be null error during deployment
  • 5919 - Fix an issue where adding a project group would result in an empty page being shown

Changes in Octopus 2019.10.2

  • 5802 - Enforce version checks for Octopus.Migrator
  • 5923 - OpenID Connect authentication provider packaging updated
  • 5924 - Fix for StackOverflowException causing Octopus Server to crash
  • 5927 - Fix for recursive variable loop when there isn't one
  • 5931 - Fix task screen crashing when viewings tasks unrelated to deployments and runbooks
  • 5933 - UI option to load a sample process for new projects
  • 5935 - "Missing Resource" chip no longer displaying on Machine Clean Up Events page
  • 5936 - Lowered the severity of some messages logged by Halibut when client connections timeout
  • 5937 - Fixed tenant scoping issue with the DeploymentView permission, which would prevent all deployments from appearing on the dashboard
  • 5939 - Fixed bad data for release versions in package metadata
  • 5940 - Prevent modification of some of the user roles for Octopus Administrators and Octopus Managers

Changes in Octopus 2019.10.3

  • 5902 - Upgraded Let's Encrypt support to ACME v2
  • 5928 - Prevented Azure DevOps connectivity issues blocking access to the package library
  • 5938 - Health Check tasks not associated with a Machine Policy are now deleted after 30 days
  • 5941 - Deploy Kubernetes Containers step now creates deployment resources using the apps/v1 API
  • 5947 - Better project switcher - shows recently viewed projects and uses server-side filtering
  • 5948 - Fixed a UI bug causing confirmations to display "e.props.dialogOnClose is not a function"
  • 5952 - Adding Migrator support for Runbooks
  • 5954 - Error when disabling automatic release creation

Changes in Octopus 2019.10.4

  • 5887 - Updated external security group check against AD to prevent hanging task
  • 5943 - Fixed an error calling octo create-release when package version supplied for a deploy a release step does not exist
  • 5944 - Changed machine license check to sql column for better performance
  • 5950 - Added log warning in Calamari when it detects Management Certificates in use on an Azure Web App step
  • 5951 - Improved Let's Encrypt problem explanations with details of the remote status
  • 5958 - Fixed an information disclosure vulnerability during error handling of maliciously crafted packages - CVE: CVE-2019-19084
  • 5961 - Fixed a stored cross-site-scripting (XSS) vulnerability - CVE: CVE-2019-19085

Changes in Octopus 2019.10.5

  • 5925 - Added DeployedBy to the /api/deployments/{id} api call
  • 5946 - Fixed a rare edge case in retrying failed deployments to an environment after the lifecycle was modified
  • 5955 - Improved the error message shown when a corrupt certificate is detected
  • 5963 - Validate that deployment target roles don't contain | characters
  • 5964 - Fixes Add Trigger dropdown button does not close and steals focus
  • 5968 - Added AzureRM aliasing to fix missing commands issue
  • 5971 - Fixed an information disclosure vulnerability during error handling of maliciously crafted packages on Octopus Cloud - CVE: CVE-2019-19084
  • 5972 - Restored the project overview to use the full width of the screen
  • 5979 - Fixed an issue with the Kubernetes step not correctly quoting label values
  • 5980 - Fixed uploading packages errors with - contains invalid characters