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What's new

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading from 2023.1.9722 to 2023.2.3263

Octopus 2023.2

The latest release of Octopus has new features to make your deployments faster and easier to manage, including:

  • Better visibility across tenants with the redesigned tenant overview dashboard
  • Live updates of Kubernetes objects during deployment
  • Increased success rate of steps with automatic retries
  • More powerful metrics with DevOps Insights improvements
  • Easier deployments to Azure resources with ‘Deploy a Bicep Template’ Step
  • Enhanced security API key security
  • Common components for easier bulk administration and visibility
  • Improved UI performance and navigation in the Octopus portal
  • Polling tentacles over standard ports for reduced complexity
  • Configurable Audit log retention limit for Cloud customers

The release is available on Octopus Cloud and ready for download by our self-hosted customers.

Octopus 2023.1

The release of Octopus 2023.1 has new features to help improve your experience, including:

  • Helm chart for installing Octopus server into a Kubernetes cluster
  • Faster tentacle upgrades
  • Improvements to the ‘Deploy Kubernetes containers’ step
  • Improving Deployment Experience for Enterprise and Cloud Users for faster, more efficient deployments and better usability
  • Performance improvements for version controlled projects

The release is available on Octopus Cloud and ready for download by our self-hosted customers.

Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from 2023.1.9722 to 2023.2.3263.

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.2.3263

  • 8185 - Fixed a regression that was causing stale worker leases when tasks were cancelled
  • 8084 - Fixed an issue when saving web portal configuration using OctopusClient which caused authentication configuration to be overridden
  • 7433 - Fixed daylight saving causing triggers to fire repeatedly
  • 8079 - Improved the performance of the list deployments API when there is large build information
  • 8073 - Fixed an issue with X-Forwarded-For headers that included ports

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.2.2718

  • 8077 - Fixed a persistence issue on ForcePackageDownload option for Runbooks
  • 8071 - API key generation can be restricted to allow only Service Accounts
  • 8070 - Improved performance of "missing variables" indicators on the Tenants page when there are thousands of tenants that have missing variables

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.2.2394

  • 8063 - Decreased the number of queries to the project and lifecycle tables during retention

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.2.2028

  • 8061 - Structure variable configuration replacement available in Deploy raw YAML step
  • 8052 - Unique name constraint error when cloning a project
  • 8043 - Fixed an issue where SilentProcessRunner could hang while waiting for a zombie process to finish on Windows
  • 7609 - Fixed an issue with Deploy Kubernetes Raw YAML step not showing any errors on attempting to save when provided with an invalid YAML

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.1.9722

  • 7433 - Fixed daylight saving causing triggers to fire repeatedly