Released: Tuesday, May 18, 2021

What's new in 2021.1

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading.

Octopus 2021.1


Octopus 2021.1 is part of the Octopus 2021 Q2 release and delivers a better cloud experience. With this release, you can:

  • Migrate Octopus projects to Octopus Cloud with self-service export/import.
  • Integrate Octopus more easily with GitHub Actions and HashiCorp's Terraform.
  • Deploy your Azure web apps with our improved Azure App Service step.
  • Scale Octopus Cloud as your needs grow:
    • Run more concurrent automation tasks.
    • Persist more build and automation artifacts with best-in-class storage.
  • Configure the Tentacle agent without root or admin permissions.

Breaking changes

This release includes one breaking change.

Change to support for Windows Docker images

We have deprecated Windows Docker images for Octopus Server and Octopus CLI as customer uptake was low and Microsoft no longer supports the OS versions we were publishing (Windows 1809, 1903, and 1909).

Customers are encouraged to use the Linux Docker image instead. Existing Windows images for Octopus Server and Octopus CLI will remain available from our Docker Hub repository, but those tagged as latest will no longer work on Windows.

Octopus CLI is available as an exe, a .NET Core global tool, or via chocolatey. Please refer to our downloads page.

We will continue to publish Windows Docker images for Tentacle. Once we've updated the images for Tentacle to Windows 2019 and Windows 20H2, we will deprecate the existing Windows 1809/1903/1909 containers.

Release notes

Changes in Octopus 2021.1.7316

  • 6902 - Azure App Service step times out after 100 seconds when uploading package
  • 6900 - Steps run on Octopus Server using execution containers will now authenticate to Docker registries correctly
  • 6886 - Modifying a 'Copy of' template fails on save
  • 6833 - Invalid day names can be used in cron expressions resulting in the "Triggers" overview becoming inaccessible
  • 6889 - "How to Push Packages" Tooltip is not Space aware

Changes in Octopus 2021.1.7236

  • 6896 - Add to HA Cluster works again via the Wizard
  • 6892 - Re-added ability to remove user space managers
  • 6895 - Usage tab on step templates works again
  • 6891 - Azure App Service step errors if no connection strings supplied and app settings are supplied

Changes in Octopus 2021.1.7198

  • 6899 - Returned to the previous default for the TrustServerCertificate connection string option
  • 6883 - Days of the month and week are now ordered correctly again
  • 6887 - Bundled the tentacle that ignores errors running the hardening script on install
  • 6880 - Certificates with blank Subject or Issuer names no longer return an error
  • 6659 - Migrator import doesn't import runbook snapshots
  • 6799 - Included the community action templates when exporting a runbook

Changes in Octopus 2021.1.7149

  • 6872 - Improved English representation of Cron expressions in portal
  • 6861 - Variables scoped to a step have "undefined" appended to the name of the step after upgrading
  • 6871 - Azure App Service step
  • 6860 - Fixes a bug in which IIS Features did not work on the Deploy a Package step in certain Windows environments
  • 6857 - The correct build of Calamari is sent to 32bit targets again
  • 6835 - Added support for Terraform CLI v0.15.0
  • 6802 - The Octopus Server version number is now displayed as major.minor (Build buildcounter)
  • 6795 - Fixes an issue where changes to the deployment process could not be saved when the versioning strategy is set to "Use the version number from an included package"
  • 6754 - Added Architecture to the response whenever machine is referenced in an API call
  • 8180 - Anti-forgery tokens are not validated for ASP.NET endpoints
  • 8047 - Privilege escalation via dll sideloading (Octopus Server)
  • 6752 - Possible fix for Email notification step hanging intermittently
  • 6745 - Removed extra space from deployment audit messages
  • 6719 - Notes are now snapshotted with the deployment process
  • 6728 - Upgrade Helm Chart step won't log warning if default values.yaml file not present
  • 6730 - The delete-instance command now cleans up the legacy registry instance store as well as the file system instance store
  • 6693 - Deploy Release step will skip rather than fail when a tenant is not connected to project/environment
  • 6721 - Local Administrator permissions are no longer required for most Octopus.Server commands
  • 6738 - Azure Managed Service Identity is now supported for authentication to Azure SQL

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