Released: Tuesday, September 27, 2022

What's new in 2022.3

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading.

Octopus 2022.3

As organizations continue to modernize, it's becoming increasingly important to ensure you can safely and reliably audit your CI/CD pipelines. You need to monitor and secure your deployments, and your teams need to scale reliably with tools to collaborate as releases move from deployment to testing and production.

This release adds support for version-controlled variables for version-controlled projects for a more complete implementation of the Config as Code solution we released in March. We also have several other new features to help you build safe, reliable, and auditable “As Code” CI/CD pipelines. These include ITSM change management with our ServiceNow and Jira Service Management integrations and built-in DevOps reporting.

This release’s noteworthy updates include:

  • Config as Code - version-controlled variables for version-controlled projects
  • ITSM - change management without friction for ServiceNow
  • Jira Service Management - efficient change management approvals (early access)
  • DevOps Insights - DORA insights to quantify value and improvements (early access)
  • GitHub Actions for Octopus Deploy v2
  • Simpler cloud target discovery setup

Together, these features support collaboration, scalability, and security for your deployments.

The 2022 Q3 release is available on Octopus Cloud and ready for download by our self-hosted customers.

Release notes

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.11320

  • 7647 - Fixed an issue where a long-running database transaction would grow the transaction log unreasonably large during a long deployment

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.11139

  • 8070 - Improved performance of "missing variables" indicators on the Tenants page when there are thousands of tenants that have missing variables

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.11098

  • 8048 - Addressed an issue where some resources could be viewed when the user does not have access to the space
  • 8038 - Release retention no longer takes a long time to cancel when there are many projects

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.11079

  • 8034 - Release retention now makes better use of the available index

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.11073

  • 8023 - Fixed an issue with Azure Service Fabric AAD referencing the ADAL .dll library instead of MSAL

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.11044

  • 8004 - Fix load spreading for steps in a task

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.11043

  • 8029 - Security fixes
  • 8013 - Fixed an issue with the content security policy blocking custom step templates and various other things

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.11011

  • 7999 - Swagger UI now loads correctly
  • 8012 - Fixed an issue where running the Deploy an Azure Web App (Web Deploy) step would fail when running in the Worker Tools

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.11002

  • 8003 - Fixed an issue where the Community Template Sync task could fail if an installed Template's underlying data needed updating to be in-sync with the published version

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10981

  • 7720 - When importing projects that have a library variable set attached you might get a duplicate entry for some variables

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10957

  • 7984 - Improve responsiveness and lower CPU usage when handling a large number of requests

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10936

  • 7971 - Removed ConfigureServer permission requirement from Audit page

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10929

  • 7932 - Search no longer throws an exception when default space is enabled

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10863

  • 7947 - To enable customers running Octopus behind a proxy to send logs to Seq we now send default proxy credentials as part of the HTTP request to Seq

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10847

  • 7931 - Hanging SFTP file operations prevent a user successfully canceling a task

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10842

  • 7942 - Fixed an issue where the internal message bus may cause long-running transactions and excessive SQL queries when running Octopus Server in a multi-node cluster

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10828

  • 7901 - Fixed an issue where Github Container Registry Docker feeds time out when searching images, or creating releases that depend on GHCR images
  • 7921 - Cancelled Tasks (e.g. a deployment) completes but the Task is never marked as completed and stays in the cancelling state with SQL Error 1222.
  • 7920 - Cancelling now works in HA setups
  • 7925 - Stopped a canceling server task from being deleted until it has finished canceling

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10807

  • 7896 - The Octopus portal will correctly resolve routes when hosted in a virtual directory

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10790

  • 7377 - Harden-InstallationDirectory.ps1 is now signed

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10783

  • 7874 - Improved internal caching, resulting in health checks over thousands of machines running closer to how long they used to

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10780

  • 7790 - Fix upgrade path from v2021.3.12912 and onwards to newer major versions

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10776

  • 7898 - Fixed an import issue when the import directory did not exist

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10750

  • 7894 - Clicking "Run" after modifying a Runbook process without saving and then accepting the changes makes the "Run" button vanish.

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10723

  • 7816 - Package retention no longer attempts to run on raw scripting targets

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10720

  • 7878 - Fix variables names not populating in worker pool dropdown for projects with Git variables
  • 7885 - For Git projects, fix Input string was not in a correct format error being returned remote Git repositories return an error message containing a { or }

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10713

  • 7851 - Fix Azure account variables names not being populated in dropdowns for Git projects
  • 7788 - Fix AWS account variables names not being populated in dropdowns for Git projects

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10711

  • 7873 - Fixes the "ISpacePartition has not been registered" error when using the Migrator CLI
  • 7413 - AWS EKS Targets - IAM Authenticator v0.5.4+ no longer supports v1alpha1 endpoint

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10692

  • 7856 - Correctly detect OS of Amazon Linux machines and improve the upgrade flow for machines with an unknown OS

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10686

  • 7865 - Performance improvement for the dashboards
  • 7844 - Fixed issue with Jira integration incorrectly assuming dates might be Jira work items

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10674

  • 7857 - Disable new Tentacle upgrade flow

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10664

  • 7853 - Octopus just keeps getting better and better!
  • 7838 - Improved the load time of the Create Deployment screen
  • 7744 - Stale package locks are now appropriately released
  • 7604 - In addition to SemVer, package retention now also supports other version formats

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10640

  • 7787 - Add logging around worker lease cap
  • 7826 - Improved the performance of the project summaries API endpoint

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10623

  • 7818 - Support newer timezones, e.g. Europe/Kyiv
  • 7820 - Mark tinytype conversion as completed

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10600

  • 7866 - Reduced the payload size of project summaries, increasing the responsiveness of the portal

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10594

  • 7773 - Git operations are slow on instances with a large number of machines

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10591

  • 7671 - Fix timeout when connecting projects to large Git repositories
  • 7784 - Fixed an issue where Octopus couldn't authenticate with git repositories hosted by Azure DevOps Server 2020
  • 7695 - Improved error message when git credentials are invalid or expired
  • 7807 - Fix issue with Octopus repeatedly attempting to connect to remote repositories after authentication failure

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.3.10586

Breaking Changes
  • 7760 - Updated ServiceNow approval caching. This results in existing Change-controlled deployments being unable to exit "Queued" state; these will need to be canceled and restarted
  • 7673 - Reduced number of requests made to external feeds when creating and viewing releases. SelectedPackagePublished in deploymentprocesses/{id}/template has been moved to Published in packages/notes
  • 7645 - Update OCL to reference shared resources via slugs instead of names. Update API responses for version-controlled documents to reference shared resources via IDs instead of names
Other Changes
  • 7798 - Fix prompted variables inputs not showing for Runbooks in projects with Git variables
  • 7785 - Fixed long-running steps failures when using an Azure SQL database
  • 7805 - Improved the efficiency of some space-specific queries
  • 7813 - Fix memory leak in SQL reader cache
  • 7779 - Fixed an issue where releases created by scheduled triggers were not audited
  • 7780 - Releases created by scheduled triggers are not considered for Insights Lead Time and are missing from the detail tables
  • 7790 - Fix upgrade path from v2021.3.12912 and onwards to newer major versions
  • 7784 - Fixed an issue where Octopus couldn't authenticate with git repositories hosted by Azure DevOps Server 2020
  • 7777 - Scheduled triggers save correctly again
  • 7776 - Fixed an issue with duplicate work item references being sent to Jira
  • 7769 - Fix error running Runbooks in projects with prompted library variables
  • 7765 - Start Date now shows correctly again on the Project Trigger overview and when editing
  • 7763 - Fixed an issue whereby deployments which reference Jira Work Item(s) (using the Jira Integration) and contain a Manual Intervention step would fail, reporting an AutoFac circular dependency
  • 7746 - API deployments/create/untenanted/v1 fails to deploy release in a version controlled project
  • 7742 - Fix an issue where branches created via the branch selector would end up prefixed with refs/heads/
  • 7445 - Fix navigation bar overflow menu not appearing on smaller screen widths
  • 7696 - Added "machine task processing limit" to the Upgrades settings to allow processing more machines in upgrade and health check tasks at any given time
  • 7734 - Fixed upgrade error when there is a release with a large number in the version
  • 7733 - Fixed deserialization of dates
  • 7718 - Private spaces are decommissioned and will no longer be available. Existing private spaces will be deleted in the background over time
  • 7569 - Allow a task with multiple steps with the same package to spread out to multiple workers
  • 7346 - Improved the accessibility of multiselect inputs
  • 7722 - Fixed an issue where reading package references from OCL could result in a “Resource not found” error
  • 7082 - Reduce Tentacle upgrade transfer size and processing time by uploading only the relevant Tentacle upgrade package based on OS/architecture
  • 6629 - Octopus Linux container now respects both API key and password
  • 7708 - DatePicker can show incorrect date when selected date differs from current DST
  • 7716 - Scheduled triggers fail to execute for Config as Code projects with outdated OCL
  • 7662 - Repairing malformed Build Information events. Azure SQL users: consider temporarily scaling your DTU count up if you have lots of rows in the Event table. You can scale back down once the upgrade is finished
  • 5677 - All the queued server tasks are displayed when deploying for a project with a pending manual intervention task.
  • 7704 - Fixed an issue where Deploy a Release would block OCL migrations
  • 7051 - Typing 'Releases' in Search and selecting 'Octopus Server Releases (builtin)' errors out
  • 7697 - Improved error messages when git migrations fail due to broken references
  • 7700 - Fixed an issue where a FeedId has unknown slug error would appear when reading package steps from OCL
  • 7698 - Removed stack traces from the system report to fix an issue where the instance could crash when downloading such report
  • 7656 - Cloud target discovery steps will now use the run condition of the step that triggers discovery
  • 7537 - Fixed an issue where changing the default branch in a config-as-code project could result in a cannot delete branch refs/heads/master error message
  • 7672 - Fixed an issue where the releases/create/v1 endpoint would fail to create releases for version controlled projects with package references
  • 7675 - Fix error viewing a release when a lifecycle phase has trailing whitespace
  • 7670 - Fixed warning message: Resolving ... from this named scope OctopusTaskScope is not permitted
  • 7661 - Fixes an issue where Octopus Cloud and Octopus Server on Linux could not talk to NuGet feeds hosted behind NTLM auth (including self-hosted TFS package feeds)
  • 7640 - Fix triggers not processing when a space's task queue is stopped
  • 7657 - Fixed an issue where step templates with broken references could prevent deployment processed from being read from OCL
  • 7653 - Updated Create Release/Execution commands JSON payload definitions to match its associated class properties
  • 7770 - CaC Long file paths Error
  • 7648 - Fixed an issue where step packages stored in OCL were incorrectly deserialised
  • 7632 - Added the ability to specify a docker network name in the docker create a network step
  • 7635 - Improve performance of deploymentprocesses/template
  • 7642 - Fix slow memory leak in Octopus Server
  • 7634 - Scheduled trigger times are correctly shown and new triggers execute as expected
  • 7602 - Runbook multi-tenancy and deployment target status resets to default when cloning a project with runbooks
  • 7615 - Fixed the Build Information event categories on audit events
  • 7603 - Fixed an issue where Run a Kubernetes Script step would fail if the cluster was not available
  • 7628 - Fix issue where not found error was returned when creating releases for Git projects with deploy release actions
  • 7626 - Creating a release in the UI is blocked if using a Docker feed that fails to search (eg. GitHub Container Registry)
  • 7545 - Fixed issue with Unicode in project names
  • 7546 - Performance telemetry is now logged at a verbose level when send telemetry server task runs
  • 7575 - Fixed an issue where deployments made via automatic lifecycle promotions would fail and remain persisted in a bad state
  • 7428 - Fix issue of YAML editor in Kubernetes step stripping characters from variable whose name contains colons
  • 7592 - Add warnings when the SQL connection max pool size is less than triple the task limit/cap
  • 7533 - Limit the amount of releases returned when checking for total number of releases in the Project Overview page
  • 7589 - Improved the handling of missing steps when using the channel version rule designer
  • 7585 - Fix NullReferenceException being thrown when creating or viewing releases with a version mask
  • 5110 - New-OctopusKubernetesTarget command will now validate that one of the following parameters -octopusAccountIdOrName and -octopusClientCertificateIdOrName has been provided
  • 7580 - New-OctopusKubernetesTarget command will now validate that only one of the following parameters have been provided -octopusAccountIdOrName and -octopusClientCertificateIdOrName
  • 7581 - New-OctopusKubernetesTarget command can now set health check container on Kubernetes target that is using certificate authentication
  • 7506 - Fixed the issue where users were unable to deploy to Tomcat via manager over HTTPS
  • 6954 - Package publish datetime in UI inconsistent between Release and Library pages
  • 7269 - Improve performance of runbook run preview page when selecting tenants
  • 7534 - File and git cache cleanup no longer runs under the task cap
  • 7491 - Improved error message when converting a project to version controlled while a missing reference exists in the deployment process

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